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A Winter for Killing

Posted on Friday, May 1, 2020 | No Comments

Winter in Northern Alberta. Already cold, hard, and painful to get through at the best of times. But when there's a serial killer on the loose it makes things a hell of a lot worse for everybody. Winter in the north can be long and tiring on to the strongest people, but a winter of killing would make anyone beg for the spring.

Baker Desjardins is a criminal defense attorney practicing in Edmonton. His job is to put criminals back out on the street not to lock them up but when his ex-girlfriend Connie's sister becomes one of the killer's victims he sets everything aside to take down this monster. Together with Connie Winston, the two must find clues and work with the police that hates Baker in order to stop the kidnappings and stop the killings. Along the way they'll both learn things about themselves they didn't know and rediscover feelings that were once long dead.

But at the same time Baker and Connie are looking for him, the killer is out on the streets pretending to drive for a ride sharing company and using that deception to kidnap and murder young women. Bodies are turning up under the frozen ice surrounding the city but the killer isn't just attacking them randomly. He has a nefarious method to his madness and Connie's sister is the key to all of it. He just first has to kill off that damn lawyer and then his plans will be complete.

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