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An Unlikely Messiah

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 | No Comments

Gary's life was a bit different from the start, having been born and raised while traveling the carnival circuit with his parents, but when as a young man he strikes out on his own, his life quickly becomes rather twisted and bizarre, and his adventures and misadventures ultimately lead to him playing a part on the world's stage.

And people say that the part he played changed the world forever, and that when the world knew peace, it was owed to him, and that whatever goodness the world knows now is also owed to him. It might just be though, that Gary is given too much credit, and maybe, there was something else in play. So, here is the true and unadulterated story of Gary's strange life, from beginning to end, and people may decide for themselves what he did, or didn't do, to bring change to the world.

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