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Anti Inflammatory Cookbook

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Wear and tear is one of the most fundamental processes in the human body. It is an imperative method that facilitates the replacement of deteriorated cells inside the body to be restored by new and healthy ones. However, the comforting nature of the millennial lifestyle, hectic and absence of physical activity, has invited a lot of health-related concerns to the fore.

Among them, inflammation is growing up to be one of most of the frequent ones. Surprisingly, even health enthusiasts are found to be complaining of dealing with inflammation-related quandaries. These inflammations, if not paid attention, may hinder healthy body growth, movement, and affect the recovery rate after an injury.

Through this anti inflammatory cookbook, the aim is to give you a model to understand and fight inflammation by bringing little adjustments to your lifestyle and dietary habits. This anti inflammatory cookbook has recognized the key nutrients required to reverse the effects of inflammation. Food sources like vegetables, protein, oily fishes, lean meat, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats are proven to have anti-inflammatory benefits. Using these foods items, this anti inflammatory cookbook has listed recipes that are easy to prepare and help initiate the healing process of your body. The step-by-step approach in this anti inflammatory cookbook will benefit anyone, from novice to expert.

The recipes in this anti inflammatory cookbook are written keeping in mind that the reader doesn't go mundane and maintains the interest while making these recipes.

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