> > Hey Rick! Don't Be So Rude !!! A Child's Lesson in Manners

Hey Rick! Don't Be So Rude !!! A Child's Lesson in Manners

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 | No Comments

Cynergy Kids Press introduces Furio the Frog and Rick, best friends at a young age who experience life together.  In our first book of our 'Life Discovery Series', Rick learns the importance of manners from Furio, who learned manners from his parents earlier and passes his lessons onto his best friend Rick.

Rick is not familiar with good manners until Furio informs him of his behavior.  After a couple of lessons from Furio, Rick is on his way to being the one of the most well-mannered boys that anyone can know.

"Hey Rick! Don't Be So Rude !!!" is a useful teaching tool to introduce positive lessons about manners to children. It also 'checks the box' on the following books for young children:

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Preschool books on manners.

As a gift for purchasing our book, you are eligible for a complimentary audio book of "Hey Rick! Don't Be So Rude !!!".  Just turn to the page with our logo and visit the link displayed on the page to download the free audio book.

We hope your child enjoys our book and have fun learning good manners!

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