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Narcissistic Women. The Concrete Healing Guide for Abused Men

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If you are a man dealing with a narcissistic woman, this book is for you. Additionally, if you are not sure whether your wife or girlfriend is narcissistic, you will find out.
Reading this book, you will learn:

How to recognize a narcissistic woman before engaging a relationship with her.
How to recognize a narcissistic wife, then divorcing and co-parenting.
How to protect your children from parental alienation.
How to recognize financial abuse and recover from it.
How to heal yourself from co-dependency and narcissistic abuse syndrome.
How to change your old toxic pattern of relationships and learn to appreciate healthy, empathetic, rational adult women.

Before this book was published, men victims of narcissistic women were not considered the way they deserved to be, and female narcissists were not represented the way they should be.

If you are an empathetic man, you have a harder time because of the way our society is, but this book will finally help you to get rid of your toxic relationship and start healing from narcissistic abuse.

If you need to start changing your life, don't miss this book.

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