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The Crossover

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2020 | No Comments

Imagine yourself living out a very meagre hand-to-mouth existence in the centre of Glasgow only to find out you’re the lucky recipient of a winning lottery ticket. It's a life altering game changer and a dream shared by so many people around the world. And this is exactly what two fellow flatmates are about to find out for themselves. The only problem is that the ticket was sent to them by a supposed long lost uncle & conman from America. A man serving time in a state penitentiary for armed robbery. But more significantly a man in serious trouble with the Mob. In just a few short days our two innocent student pals find themselves embroiled in a dangerous world of greed, revenge and murder. Who lives, who dies and who ultimately gets their hands on a fortune in this fast paced black comedy?

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