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Posted on Sunday, May 24, 2020 | No Comments

It was just another virus arriving during the first cool days of Autumn. It was just another flu, another bug, that would run its course.

But, this bug had teeth and those teeth clamped down on the neck of the human race and shook hard.

In just months, thousands of years of human progress disappeared as disease ravaged the land and governments fell and survival undercut the niceties of civilized society. Great cities toppled.

Countries were shattered from within. Populations were decimated.

In Black Rock, a secluded mountain town in New England, the survivors of the pandemic watched as the world faltered and fell. There would be no rescue, no aid, arriving to save them. No government forces bearing supplies. No FEMA. No CDC. No Red Cross with coffee and doughnuts. To survive the unthinkable, they would be forced to band together to overcome the seemingly impossible odds.
With winter fast approaching and unknown dangers lurking just beyond their borders, the survivors would be forced to hunker down in the only safe spot available. If help would not come to Black Rock, Black Rock would learn to stand alone.

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