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The Wonders of Monkey Mac

Posted on Thursday, May 7, 2020 | No Comments

Take your kids and teens on a vacation to, "Snacker Packers Stacker's Land," in this wonderful comedy, "The Wonders of Monkey Mac." The story is based on a scientific study to find out if raising monkeys as humans, and then sending them back to the wild, is inhumane? Just think of the fun your kids will have, creating their own, crazy named snacks like, "Snackerpackerstacker's, pizzeria & frog legs crackers?" What about some Snackerpackerstackers, hamburger & banana, French fry crackers? Do you wonder what Snackerpackerstacker's pig feet & collard greens, potato salad crackers taste like? They will become great, "Snackerpackerstackians," stacking math and reading skills. They will learn riddles, rhymes, Spanish, and sing-along-songs. Most importantly, this book helps kids and teens face real-life issues of self-worth, loyalty, trust, and abandonment. It deals with bullying, sibling rivalry, lying, cheating, stealing, and it teaches lessons of faith, hope and love. It's the story of a very intelligent monkey named Mac, who is raised like a human. He meets three boys and some girls. They all build go-carts and race. They dangerously crash their go-carts and take off running. A goofy cop is out to catch them, but he's having a very hard time. Will they stick together? Will they get arrested? Will they go to jail? Will Mac be sent back to Africa? Find out all these answers in, Snacker Packer Stacker’s Land, "The Wonders of Monkey Mac!"

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