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Will is a frustrated, lonely writer with an alcohol addiction and no friends, existing in North London on a diet of insight, social disgust, self hatred and imagination during the 1990’s. The book he is writing, during his forced dystopian lifestyle is the only vent for his frustration, pain, creation, doubt and invention...sometimes all either being the devil on his back or the angel in his soul. The curiosity as to his own fate controls his everyday actions and thoughts after the painful loss of his idol, causing him to career into what appears to be an unending downward spiral of his own demise or worse...someone else's. Was Will searching for forgiveness or damnation?...and would he find it...? But can he distinguish between the reality of his life and the fiction of his mind... Takes skill to flick between two characters with a subject outside of the drama that somehow unites the pair. Does the show, don't tell thing really well.’ - Brendan Brosnan MA

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