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Death of Lord Percy

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Recently retired from the Army, Lord Percy and his friend Field Marshal James, are soon bored with their aristocratic lives and decide to start a detective agency for the aristocracy. Of course, they have no intention of charging fees for their services, seeing they are rank amateurs. No sooner are they open for business than they receive their first client, Sir Martin Nash, who asks them to track down his step-daughter Priscilla who's been missing for several weeks. Soon the two eccentric gentlemen are off on their first case! And what a case it proves to be! Particularly when it becomes clear that finding Priscilla is not their main task "finding out who killed her father Lord Percy is. Their investigation takes them to vineyards, racecourses and art auctions in England, France and Spain, with danger and excitement lurking at every turn. Do they find Priscilla? More importantly, can they identify and trap the killer of Lord Percy before he strikes again. This is the first book in the 'Aristocrats Mystery' series.

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