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Habit Formation Mastery

Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2020 | No Comments

How to Be Part of The 8% That Actually Follows Through With Their New Year's Resolution, Even if You're the Laziest Person You Know Here's just a tiny fraction of what you will discover in Habit Formation Mastery:

- Habit psychology secrets you should know about if you want to control your negative habits

- Why your "mini habits" aren't working and how to fix it

- The #1 thing you need to change to find long-term success

- An ancient philosophy (that led to hundreds of war victories) and how it can help your new habits stick and old habits impossible

- How to build new positive habits without giving up your favorite activities and feeling alone

- 3 habit-building strategies and shortcuts for lazy beginners

- What you can do from now on to make positive habits more automatic than driving

- A simple reward and punishment system (nobody is talking about) to increase the probability of you falling in love with your new habits and hating your old ones

- The 5 most overlooked mistakes you're doing when trying to change your habits

- Advanced habits used by leaders like Tony Robbins to help accelerate your growth and much, much more!

So even if you've never successfully built a positive habit in your life, your success is guaranteed with this simple step-by-step guide. And if you have the burning desire to master your habits and make lasting change, then read this book right now.

99 Cent Bargain Book from June 11 - 22, 2020

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