> > The Chyrons Belenus Rising (The Saga of the Chyrons Book 1)

The Chyrons Belenus Rising (The Saga of the Chyrons Book 1)

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A tale of revenge, sorcery and power. Arcaikos is a land intended as a paradise but blighted by Chyrons; elemental forces that add their energy to worsen natural disasters. The Veleta wield elemental power but struggle to control them and bring calm and prosperity. Belenus, humiliated for not inheriting these powers, craves revenge.

He seizes his father's city and an evil relic that gives power, longevity and a promise of immortality falls into his hands. Increasingly bitter and resentful, he becomes a cruel, paranoid dictator bent on vicious retaliation.Can any of his enemies, including his unloved son Drystyn, the Master Guardian he trusts, the surviving Veleta, the kidnapped child he indoctrinated who is reunited with his estranged, powerful mother, the elusive dragons or a sorcerer and his daughters - dangerous triplets who have one calculating mind between three bodies, bring about Belenus' demise before the Chyrons reduce the land to chaos?

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