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The Hack

Posted on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 | No Comments

From the first-person perspective, Max McMillan, a renowned and worshiped author, takes the reader on a journey through his playboy, luxurious, and millions-of-Instagram-follower life. Annoyed by his stardom, and seemingly out for self-destruction, Max’s story is one of constant disaster. He sleeps his way through life and finds a reason to be cynical about everything. However, through well-placed suspense and engaging twists, the reader comes to realize that Max is not the hedonist he appears to be. The Hack, through wit and scattered nuggets of wisdom, tells the story of how Max discovers that the most important thing in life is the loved ones with whom we share it. Through this realization, Max decides to sacrifice everything to ensure that his best friend becomes a successful writer before he loses his wife to cancer.

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