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Warring States Conundrum

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Winston Sage, MD, an epidemiologist, and his wife Julia move to New Mexico for a peaceful retirement in picturesque, artsy Santa Fe. To make small talk at a welcoming party, Sage brags about his skills in tracing people. A neighbor hears about this and asks Sage to help find his wife who has disappeared mysteriously. Sage, a medical detective who always wanted to play a real detective, gets involved and opens a Pandora’s box of life-changing escapades. Sage is obsessed with trying to find the missing wife. She owns a gallery on Canyon Road and has struck it rich as a dealer in Asian antiques. He discovers that she recently developed expertise in ancient Chinese ceramics of the Warring States Era (475-221 BCE) under the tutelage of a high-ranking, Chinese-American, nuclear scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratories. Sage persists in asking nagging questions of the missing woman’s husband, her mentor, and other gallery owners. The FBI warns him to stay away from the nuclear scientist, a top security figure. An attempt is made on Sage’s life and the FBI then takes him into protective custody, turning his life upside-down. In a surprise ending, Sage helps to uncover the long sought-after Los Alamos mole.

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