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From debut author M. G. Menocal comes a chilling book about surprising supernatural abilities and the blessing and curse of possessing them. Detective Nick Bowman is a man with an unusual gift for solving cases. But on the morning he encounters a young girl with blood-soaked socks, he finds himself on a terrifying path to justice-or certain death.

Upon further investigation, the detective discovers a gruesome murder that is only one piece of a dark puzzle. Soon the FBI joins Nick and his partner in a desperate manhunt for a vile killer. Will Nick's supernatural ability be the key to solving the murders-or will it prove to be his downfall? A riveting book where a detective hunts down a serial killer, VICE is a supernatural thriller with terrifying twists and turns. Follow one man on an unrelenting journey to catch the most depraved killer of his career in this dark, page-turning mystery and detective novel filled with suspense.

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