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Forward Leaning

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When a Surgeon from Mexico is forced to flee his country from gang violence, he runs to America to start a new life for his family. In order to gain legal status he joins the US Army and is sent to Afghanistan. Because the United States does not recognize his Mexican Medical License, the US Army will not let him join as an officer. Instead he must work as an enlisted medic.

He is constantly at odds with his chain of command for exceeding his authority and practicing medicine and is at risk of being court martialed and sent back to Mexico. While in Afghanistan the brother of a warlord kidnaps American volunteers to hold for ransom.

The Undocumented Immigrant doctor turned Army Medic is quickly pulled into a Special Forces mission that needs his surgical experience to save a warlord’s daughter and rescue the American hostages. This book is filled with real world experience of Special Forces military operations.

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Beneath Submission

Sunday, April 18, 2021 Category : 0

Xavier London was the only man Tessa Sands could ever love, but when she finds out that he isn’t the man she thought he was she is torn between doing what is right and what her heart wants. Believing in second chances, Tessa follows her heart and lets Xavier back into her life.

Just when things begin where they left off, her second chance comes to an end when Colin Gates enters her life, taking away her freedom and her happiness. Thinking that her life couldn’t get any worse, she is sold to another man, more ruthless than Colin Gates. Her only hope is that Xavier will find her before she disappears forever. Can she escape a life of torment or will she forever be under the control of Colin Gates?

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Until Summer

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They were in love but that seemed a long time ago, a different life. Abused and neglected, Meredith and her brothers spent much of their childhood in foster care. Now she’s a single mom of a teenage boy and foster mom to another, trying to juggle work, children, and dating.

Abandoned by his mother, Daniel was raised by an uncle who struggled to show him love. Now he’s an addict warring against himself as he fights not to fail a son of his own.

When Daniel’s son is placed as a foster child in Meredith’s home, the two are reunited but what will that mean for them and their families? Until Summer is a story of love and a longing for hope as two people battle the traumas of their pasts in search for a brighter future.

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The Raven's Call

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The Raven's Call a CIA officer, Logan “Raven” Ravenschall has had his pick of dazzling international beauties for the past two decades.

Not one of them holds a candle to Tori McKinley, the love-wary woman that walks into his office while he's on a covert assignment.

To complete a high-stakes personal mission, he must gain this single mother's trust in record time. But as Raven’s past closes in and throws them into the path of danger, will he be able to keep it?

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The Khmer Empire: A Captivating Guide to the Merged Kingdoms of Cambodia That Became the Angkor Empire That Ruled over Most of Mainland Southeast Asia and Parts of Southern China

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When we think of the great civilizations in the world, the first ones that come to mind are Egyptian, Inca, Greek, and Roman civilizations. Not many people think of the Khmer Empire or are aware of how great it was.

The Khmer Empire was the greatest player in the political and cultural world of medieval Southeast Asia. Its capital city and greatest legacy, Angkor, was built in such a way that one side was protected by the Tonle Sap Lake and the other three sides by the wild jungle. Its surroundings were hostile, but they offered protection. A series of well-built highways connected the city with other important settlements and port cities, which the Khmer used for trade.

The Khmer Empire embraced Hinduism, and it produced the monument temples that still stand today. They are often compared to the great temples of the Roman Empire, and the artists who worked on their decorations are referred to as “Khmer Michelangelo.” The king was respected for his divine connection with the gods, and the unique ideology of kingship among the Khmer was probably what made the empire so great. If you want to learn more about the history of the Khmer Empire, get this book now!

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The Invitation A Journey into Mankind's Future

Saturday, April 17, 2021 Category : 0

This book is a cautionary tale about the dangers of rapid global warming told and shown from the perspective of an extraterrestrial being.

It also represents the most likely scenario of "first contact" with an alien civilization.

This book may also be described as a political thriller because two of its central characters are the President and First Lady of the United States.

This book is not is a comic book, "Star Wars" style story of over the top planet ripping battle scenes. Intellect and imagination animate its pages.

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Love Yourself After Divorce: Rebuilding Your Perspective to Increase Your Self Confidence and Live a More Positive Life

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If you’re feeling alone after your divorce and want the support and guidance to love yourself again, then keep reading...

It's no secret that divorce can be one of the worst experiences. Learning to start a new version of your life while organizing and overcoming your emotions can be even more challenging. If you're looking for a positive adjustment in your life and a shift in mindset from "why" to "how", then this book is for you!

The doubts won't go away overnight, and you already know that, but once you follow the simple steps and easy to follow through with tactics within this book, you'll see that you are capable of loving yourself once more. You deserve it, and we want nothing more than to help you believe that for yourself!

So, If you want to learn to accept your imperfections and love yourself again, despite all the challenges your divorce has brought into your life, then pick up this book and take a shot on yourself. You deserve it!

Love Yourself After Divorce by The Positivity Policy on Amazon Kindle

Nearly Man 2: A further collection of poem

Friday, April 16, 2021 Category : 0

The Nearly Man is back and thinks he is nearly there – but where? That is the question; will this sequel to his first volume of poems provide the answer? The year-long COVID-19 pandemic has focussed Norman’s creativity, resulting in this further collection of his musings on life, but this time he has been in the driving seat, selecting and shaping his verses with editorial assistance from his family.

Sometimes deeply reflective, at others verging on the romantic but often whimsical, this further volume of his poems reveals a few more, but maybe not all, of the answers to the complexities of the Nearly Man.

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The Adventures of Willowbe Woods: Melissa the Fairy Princess

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Willowbe Woods are no ordinary woods. They hold a very special secret, known to nobody else other than Olivia. That is until her little brother Edward goes on an adventure of his own and discovers the secret for himself, making plenty of unexpected friends along the way.

As Edward uncovers the magic of the woods - with its talking animals, elves and pixies - Olivia is on a race against time to help her best friend Melissa, the fairy princess, who has gone missing without her wand. Under the watchful eye of the wise old owl, and a strange mist which has descended upon them, Olivia and Edward show that teamwork, persistence and friendship are what make these woods truly special.

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Web of the Spider Queen

Thursday, April 15, 2021 Category : , 0

Her name is Sinnia, she is the Queen Mother of dark spiders and she has returned to Orum to finally conquer the one world that eludes her grasp. 

A tale of fantasy action and adventure as massive armies make their last stand on bloodied battlefields and the leaders of the realm embark on a perilous quest of epic proportions and self-discovery.

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Thriving Mindset

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 Category : , 0

Here's what most people don't know: many of the world's greatest achievements are, in fact, the result of some type of disruption.

In The Thriving Mindset: Tools for Empowerment in a Disruptive World, Gerry Valentine offers a hands-on guide to turn the disruption of today's world to your advantage.

He offers proven tools to build resilience, harness your fears, and develop the skills and daily practices that can unlock opportunity.

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History of California: A Captivating Guide to the History of the Golden State, Starting from when Native Americans Dominated through European Exploration to the Present

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California’s transformation into the most populous state in America and the home of some of the country’s richest citizens, spread amongst Silicon Valley and Hollywood, was certainly no accident. California has always been one of the most diverse and multicultural states in the United States, way before it was a state at all and even before the arrival of the Europeans.

With California’s rugged yet diverse terrain, the first settlers spread into hundreds of different tribes, all with their own lifestyles, religions, diets, and culture, much of which was based on the landscape they ended up in.

It would be thousands of years before the slow arrival of the Spaniards, who would colonize the land and convert thousands of the Native Americans, establishing missions and villages in many of the cities we know today, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and more. If you want to learn more about the history of California, get this book now!

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Work Matters Insights and Strategies for Job Seekers in this Rapidly Changing Economy

Monday, April 12, 2021 Category : 0

Are you in need of a career change and you don’t know where to begin? Are you one of the thousands that have lost their job amidst the current crisis we are going through?

If you would like to change the path of your professional life, this book will guide you on how to get a job in the current global COVID crisis we are going through — no matter your age or life situation.

There are less than 10 chapters in Work Matters, which makes it a quick and insightful read — you’ll find only relevant advice included in this book. What you’ll learn:

✔️How to overcome job loss and find the motivation to find one that adapts to your needs, all in the midst of a crisis.

✔️How to assess your own set of skills and make the most out of them.

✔️How to make networking work for you.

✔️How to deal with the job search.

✔️How to ace the interviews.

✔️How to stay relevant in your industry.

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Bedtime Stories: Little Bunny and The Magic Lantern

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When it is hard to put your child to sleep, show him this relaxing good night book with a sweet story about magic pets, cherished dreams, and real wonders. 

Beautiful illustrations full of color will fly you to the sky and open the secret world among the shining stars.

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The Frights of Fiji

Sunday, April 11, 2021 Category : , 0

Sent to live with her strict, aloof, and uncaring uncle after her parents are killed in a car accident, twelve-year-old orphan Alyssa McCarthy longs for the life she used to have—one filled with fun and love. Then one stormy night, a message appears in the raindrops on the window that will change everything.

"Your life will never be the same again, as magic will interfere."

Before long, Alyssa is kidnapped by Master Beau, a banished sorcerer with a mysterious connection to her who can only regain his power by weakening hers. Suddenly hurled into a world of wizardry filled with fantastical beasts and marvelous technology beyond her wildest imagination, Alyssa must defeat Master Beau if she ever wants to get home again. But Master Beau will stop at nothing, including using Alyssa’s friends, to ensure he is triumphant.

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The Concrete Vineyard

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Why would anyone want to murder the most respected senior citizen, Niagara-on-the-Lake has ever had?

Retired history professor Edward Mitchell was surely not long for the grave, so why would someone risk life in prison to kill him? Picking up the clues is the reluctant Homicide Chief Detective, Bryan Dee. Thinking he might be out of his depth he is happy to enlist the aid of his friend, Kris Gage. But when Dee reads the deceased's last entry in his diary, 'time to take care of K. Gage,' he becomes torn between investigation and friendship.

As an urban planner, Gage understands real estate and the bureaucracy of planning. Following the money, he soon finds himself in the middle of corrupt developers who seek to take all the charm out of the area. Over two hundred years after the War of 1812, is Niagara-on-the-Lake, once again, on-the-Take?

The Concrete Vineyard is an intriguing and unique whodunit. Packing an intellectual punch, this smart murder/mystery will have you guessing and gripped! If you like great characters, clever plots and intelligent storytelling, then you'll love this creative and thought-provoking novel.

Buy The Concrete Vineyard today for a thoroughly enjoyable read!

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Hushabye (A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 1)

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On the first day of her new job in the West Country, Detective Sergeant Kate Redman finds herself investigating the kidnapping of Charlie Fullman, the newborn son of a wealthy entrepreneur and his trophy wife. It seems a straightforward case... but as Kate and her fellow officer Mark Olbeck delve deeper, they uncover murky secrets and multiple motives for the crime.

Kate finds the case bringing up painful memories of her own past secrets. As she confronts the truth about herself, her increasing emotional instability threatens both her hard-won career success and the possibility that they will ever find Charlie Fullman alive...

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Saturday, April 10, 2021 Category : 0

Bess has the voice of an angel, or so Henry VIII declares when he buys her from her father. As a member of the Music, the royal company of minstrels, Bess grows up within the decadent Tudor court, navigating the ever-changing tide of royals and courtiers.

Friends come and go as cracked voices, politics, heartbreak, and death loom over even the lowliest of musicians. Tom, her first and dearest friend, is her only constant.

But as Bess becomes too comfortable at court, she may find that constancy has its limits.

This title has been rated S, appropriate for adults, and contains:

>intense sex

>moderate language

>moderate alcohol use



For more information on our rating system, please, visit our Content Guide

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Brothers of the Island

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It all began in 1916 on Arrowhead Island where young brothers, Ron, Arthur and Bob live the carefree life of three Huckleberry Finns.

One day they stumble upon an old pine box that’s been washed ashore filled with Indian bones, a skull, arrowheads and a tomahawk.

Inscribed on the lid are the words: Wau-kon-haw-kaw. In town, an Indian by the name of Big Canoe tells the boys that they have found

“Snakeskin,” the lost bones of Chief Waukon Decorah. A curse was once placed on those bones and now that they have returned, war with the white man is imminent—as prophesied by Chief White Cloud, the Indian prophet.

Big Canoe tells Ron that he will pay him handsomely for those bones the following day with the intent of burying them properly before word gets out to the Indian tribes. But prior to the trade being made, the boys meet up with their old pal, Harmonica Jones, and Ron foolishly exchanges the box of bones for a German Luger. When the hobo is later found dead, and the box of bones nowhere to be found, the boy’s father (Pops) encourages his sons to do whatever possible to find those bones and bury them in the sacred Cave of Chiefs.

"Hilton takes you on an adventure of historic proportions...A TON OF FUN!" – Ben Rehder

Edgar Award Finalist and author of the Blanco County Mystery Series

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Tap Within

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This journal will teach you how to persevere through heartbreak, while maintaining hope and a clear vision.

The Tap Within Journal is for you if you are ready to connect with your future partner, coming out of a relationship and wanting to reconnect with hope, exploring dating, or pursuing a new meaningful relationship.

This journal invites you to show up with courage, hope, and trust. 

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History of Bali: A Captivating Guide to Balinese History and the Impact This Island Has Had on the History of Indonesia and Southeast Asia

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Bali is known as “the Island of the Gods,” with its tens of thousands of temples and shrines dating back more than a millennium to the exotic Indianized empires of Java that influenced Bali greatly. Although it bore witness to the ancient Maritime Silk Road of Southeast Asia, Bali mysteriously avoided complete domination by ocean traders and European colonizers until as late as the 20th century.

Bali is visited today by millions of international tourists, not only for its magnificent beaches and lush, tropical scenery but also as a living monument of an ancient cultural past. The Balinese of today adhere faithfully to the unique Balinese Hinduism of their island paradise and continue following traditions and art forms that were brought to its shores by their ancestors thousands of years ago.

If you want to learn more about the History of Bali, get this book now!

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The Visitor

Friday, April 9, 2021 Category : , 0

Lesbian Professor Helen Miller arrives in England from America. The last thing she expects is to be lodging with her friend Sophie's reserved and anxious mother, Ingrid, but Sophie has told a big lie which pushes them all together under one roof and when Ingrid catches them both in what appears to be a compromising position, sparks fly.

Helen lurches from one calamity to another as she attempts to navigate through the storm of a family drama, teetering on the verge of being cast out, but desperate to stay.

You see, despite Ingrid’s angry words and cold demeanour, Helen likes her, in fact, she likes her rather a lot and she’s wondering if, underneath all that cold fury, Ingrid likes her too... With only three weeks left until she must return home to San Francisco, Helen fights for the true love she has always craved but

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Blossom Flower and the Enchanted Garden

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Ages: 2-12

Grades 1st - 4th - (Reading Assessment free for Educators)

For all the plants and flowers who live in the Enchanted Garden, every day is full of beauty and wonder. Growing up in this magical garden, young Blossom Flower never has time to get bored!

When a hole appears in the ground one day, the residents of the Enchanted Garden are all curious to see who or what it will bring. New varieties of flowers begin to grow, allowing Blossom to see that differences can be a good and beautiful thing.

Blossom Flower and the Enchanted Garden teaches children the values of friendship, equality, and inclusiveness. Filled with colorful illustrations and powerful lessons, this book would make the perfect gift for any young readers in your life.

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And Don't Forget The Roses (Sam Farmer)

Thursday, April 8, 2021 Category : 0

Sam kept the promise that he made to his dying wife, Annie but that didn't help ease the feelings of loss and loneliness. He wasn’t to know that she had plans for her husband from beyond the grave that would cause him to confront the ghosts from his past, and those of a young woman who he met by accident – or was it? You haunt me 'like a beautiful jewel, hung in ghastly night - William Shakespeare Sam had kept his final promise to his late wife Annie, but sitting on the steps outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London, he can hear a woman shouting behind him; their meeting will alter the direction of their lives forever. But was their meeting by accident?

Or had fate, or a force beyond their control, drawn them together Both bear scars from their past: Sam’s due to a betrayal of love and trust – caustic memories that eat away at his soul; Penny’s because of guilt from early childhood, lonely and friendless – blame which won’t allow her to believe in herself.

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My Tory Friends, And Yours

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We are living through an era of huge upheaval. We are on a hazardous journey through a tunnel that may not have a wide enough exit for an easy drive out into a sunlit countryside. This book looks at the people who are in the back seat of the car: how they feel about the journey, the drivers, the direction of travel. When they occasionally stop for rest, do they fight over the route, do they want only their share of refreshments, or more?

This book will cause anger, sharp intakes of breath, and frequent hilarity, in equal measures. It is unfortunately not as replete with kindness as I would have liked, but it does express hope for its return to our lives, and highlights the obstacles to be overcome to achieve that end. It is about people that we all know, if not personally, then at least through experience.

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The Cowboy's Spring Romance

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One lonesome cowboy needs a few lessons in romance... Trent Thompson doesn't have many secrets, except for the torch he's carried for the new schoolteacher since she moved to Grass Valley more than three years ago.

Instead of asking her out, he's dated every single female in a thirty-mile radius, giving her the impression he holds no interest in knowing her. Lindsay Pierce moved to Grass Valley to teach and quickly fell in love with the small community as well as the delightful people who live there.

Everyone welcomes her warmly except for one obnoxious cowboy who goes out of his way to ignore her. Will Trent be able to maintain the pretense when he has to babysit his niece, who happens to be in Lindsay's class? Romance is in the air as spring fever hits the Triple T Ranch!

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Emily & Chris

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When all you can feel is pain, how do you know that it's the right time to let love in?

Emily and Jon have the perfect marriage, but when the unthinkable happens and she is left alone, her whole world falls apart.

Jon’s parents control everything, and losing Jon doesn’t just mean losing her husband: it means losing her home.

Emily would be totally lost… if it wasn’t for one person.

Jon’s best friend since childhood, Chris, has always promised his friend that he’d look out for Emily, and he’s true to his word. But Emily soon discovers that her connection with Chris goes beyond their shared love for Jon.

Determined to push their feelings to the side, Emily and Chris embark on a mission to honor Jon’s memory and give him the send-off he deserves… but can they resist their attraction forever?

Join Emily and Chris as they heal through their grief together and work to honor Jon in the best way they can think of.

Emily & Chris is a heartwarming tale of healing grief through love. Tumble through an emotional journey with Emily and Chris as they search to find a place for their connection within their love for Jon.

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Samantha Moon: Including Books 1-4 in the Vampire for Hire Series

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 Category : , 0

Boxed set of four #1 bestselling "Vampire for Hire" mystery novels, starring Samantha Moon―mother, wife, private investigator... vampire!

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Saving Organizations That Matter

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 Category : , , 0

Saving Organizations That Matter: Ascending From the Confluence of Chaos is a practical guide to the turnaround and transformation of not-for-profit, mission driven organizations written from the perspective of someone who has been through many such experiences, whether as employee, consultant, manager, executive, CEO or member of the board.

It features a number of strategies that can be deployed, often immediately, to help change the trajectory of organizations that are facing challenges and declining performance.

"Saving Organizations That Matter" by Rey Spadoni Available on Amazon Kindle

French History: A Captivating Guide to the History of France, Charlemagne, and Notre-Dame de Paris

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Three captivating manuscripts in one book:

History of France: A Captivating Guide to French History

Charlemagne: A Captivating Guide to the Greatest Monarch of the Carolingian Empire and How He Ruled over the Franks, Lombards, and Romans

Notre-Dame de Paris: A Captivating Guide to One of the Most Famous Catholic Cathedrals of Medieval Europe

France has influenced the course of history in Europe and the world for centuries. Considered one of the world’s most beautiful countries and home to some of the world’s most visited tourist locations, France has enthralled and fascinated the people who’ve discovered that, in many ways, the history of France encompasses both the good and bad in the human character.

The French have rightly prided themselves on their food, fashion, painting, sculpture, theater, films, and literature, among much else. The names Escoffier, Saint-Laurent, Monet, Rodin, Moliere, Truffaut, and Voltaire are known throughout the world. The famous Eiffel Tower is recognized as the symbol of France to people in the most remote places of the globe, but there is so much more to the history of France than escargot, wine, Impressionism, and movies. In this book, you’ll learn the history of France and of the French, one of the most fascinating, frightening, and inspiring histories of them all.

If you want to learn more about French History, get this book now!

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Beyond The Mirror: Seechers

Monday, April 5, 2021 Category : , 0

Beneath the surface of a top London University, an ancient society known as The Seechers, operate. They protect the world’s biggest secret. A hidden gateway to the subconscious world. 

New philosophy student, Aris Fletcher, stumbles into the unimaginable world of The Seechers; as his bizarre dreams, present disturbing glimpses into the future.

Beyond The Mirror: Seechers by M.K Williams on Amazon Kindle

Journey to Jumbalot

Category : , 0

A glowing doorway. A lost friend. Will one loyal pet turn out to be the hero of the hour?

Alby the housecat has no desire for adventure. Rescued from the street by the kindly Professor Wizoom, he’s grateful to be safe and lazy. But when his master vanishes through a magical door, the scaredy cat summons what little courage he has and races in after him.

Stuck in a strange land of mixed-together animals, Alby teams up with an irritating froguar to locate his missing owner. But when he’s mistaken for a spy, the lonely feline finds himself caught in a war between wolvaraptor pirates and noble tigeroon knights!

Can the timid feline conquer his worries in time to save the day?

Journey to Jumbalot is an award-winning, action-packed middle grade fantasy novel. If you like talking animals, daring deeds, and enchanted worlds, then you’ll love Ryan Wakefield’s illustrated quest.

Buy Journey to Jumbalot to learn to be brave today!

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Chosen by an Alien

Category : 0

Love, Lust, and Longing that is out of this world. This stellar set of steamy stories comes from the most sinful corners of space...

Whether this collection of stories takes you for a journey across the galaxy or brings the alien oddities to Earth, you won't be left wanting.

Do you like space pirates, enslaved planets, dying races, and forbidden romances? Then this boxed set is for you. Grab your copy of CHOSEN BY AN ALIEN today. Discover 22 thrilling sci-fi alien romance stories that will leave you with a craving for more!

Authors included in the box set are: Kira G., Brenda Trim, D.E. Chapman, Candace Sams, Golduin Celestia, Krysta Fox, Christa Ann, Zee Kelley, Riley London, V.T. Bonds, Leann Ryans, Cassidy K. O'Connor, Serenity Rayne, Lynn Garcia Carmer, Clara C. Johnson, Carly Spade, Helen Allan, Aria Starling, Terri A. Wilson, R.A. Boyd, Gracen Miller, Landra Graf.

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Billy the Kid: A Captivating Guide to a Notorious Gunfighter of the American Old West and His Feud with Pat Garrett

Sunday, April 4, 2021 Category : , 0

Billy the Kid once said that he killed twenty-one men—one for each year that he lived. While it’s more likely that he only killed eight or nine, this young outlaw was clearly deadly. But his brief and brutal life reveals how his tragic existence led him into a life of crime.

After growing up in poverty as an Irish immigrant in New York City and losing his father at a young age, Billy the Kid had to endure losing his mother when he was only fifteen. His stepfather walked out on him, and he was left with absolutely nothing. He turned to stealing, which started him out on a slippery slope that led him to murder after murder.

Billy the Kid has been lauded time and time again as a folk hero, even though he was a murderer. Yet, it’s easy to empathize with this young outlaw with a baby face and big blue eyes. His story is filled with jailbreaks, treachery, gangs, and bloodthirsty Old West feuds. He was vulnerable, naive, murderous, bloodthirsty, loyal, and charming, and all this made Billy the Kid the stuff of legend. But his story is entirely true…

If you want to learn more about Billy the Kid, get this book now!

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Open Evening (The Order of the Following Series)

Saturday, April 3, 2021 Category : 0

The first book in the thrilling occult 'Order of the Following Series' sees social reject Luke Hartford relay the events from a night of horror. 

High school can be a killer but so can the shadows as Luke teams with an unexpected group to try to survive against a hoard of hive mind creatures and less than helpful teachers. Who can they trust? And where did these things come from? A mysterious man named 'Twister' arrives in town and knows more than it seems about surviving this so called 'purge'. 

The question is, who will survive? 

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Darke Blood: You've never known true darkness

Category : 0

Blake Malone is a stranger in an even stranger town and comes to realise there are more than shadows around him in Darke Heath. He eventually aligns with a creature of the night and together they face the forces of witchcraft and vampirism.

Part of the thrilling Occult 'Order of the Following' series, Darke Blood is only the beginning...

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ROADS TO MEANING AND RESILIENCE WITH CANCER: Forty Stories of Coping, Finding Meaning, and Building Resilience While Living with Incurable Lung Cancer

Friday, April 2, 2021 Category : , , 0

The book tells the stories of 39 patients with incurable lung cancer.

It aims to help patients, families, and healthcare providers understand the experience of living with cancer.

It also invites reflections on the essential questions of meaning, resilience, and coping with adversity in life.

The author is a family doctor, teacher, and researcher who is also a stage IV lung cancer patient himself.

He is patient number 40

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Being Authentic: A memoir

Category : , , 0

Our existence is fragile. I learned that in many intricate ways, so I do not take today for granted. I do not know what tomorrow will bring.

I do not even know if tomorrow will come.

On the eve of Thanksgiving 2016, I received the diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer.

Next to dying, I fear the spread of cancer to my brain and losing my ability to think, speak, or write. This loss would be devastating to me.

I need to be able to say, "This is my narrative."

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Bedtime Stories: Little Bunny and The Magic Lantern

Category : 0

When it is hard to put your child to sleep, show him this relaxing good night book with a sweet story about magic pets, cherished dreams, and real wonders. 

Beautiful illustrations full of color will fly you to the sky and open the secret world among the shining stars.

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Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy!

Category : 0

Trailer: https://youtu.be/pe50Rx1DjOc 

I, too, had an excruciating 2020. To begin with, including COVID taking my storyteller's (narrator) soul to heaven. I was trapped in a bottle beginning of the year, questioning my identity. But, I took that challenge as an opportunity by writing through my own metaphorical coke bottle.

When the darkness rolled in, through thick and thin, an amazing community was there for me with helping hands. Within a few months, over 10K read the Gods Must Be Crazy in over a dozen countries, offering ~100 rave reviews, and even achieved the #1 bestseller rank in many Amazon categories!

Above all, I donate the royalty from this book for a greater purpose to Mother Teresa Mission (Missionaries of Charity).

Proclamation: https://youtu.be/5ZlJncOLZjM

This book will blow away your preconceptions of the almighty American Empire and its Enterprises. I guarantee it!

This book takes its title from the 1980 comedy film “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” in which an empty Coca-Cola bottle is dropped from a plane onto a community of African bushmen. The bottle is thought to be a gift from the Gods, but after it incites bitter fighting amongst the villagers, the tribal leader decides to return it to the Gods, embarking upon a journey to the end of the world.

Through my own metaphorical coke bottle, I visualize the dawn of a daunting new Empire.This book serves as both a testament to the past glories of the current American Empire and a guidebook to restoring Capitalism and Enterprise.

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THE AUDITORS: The Festival of Light and Infinite Eight: Book Two

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There is a great and mythological tradition of gods and heroes. Mark Curry does not fall into this category. A search for his brother reveals the RunBladers are struggling to maintain the Universal Union of Time. Which isn’t helped when Mark takes his brother, Hap Pollo, away from the World Clock to find their parents.

They discover other interesting characters 2,000 years in the past and make things much, much worse. For everyone, forever, as they uncover the secret that lies behind the whole of human history and the eventual destruction of Mankind.

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Loose Limericks

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A collection of almost 130 original limericks with the accent very much on the comic, the absurd and the outrageous. A series of characters find themselves in a range of weird and wacky situations with things never going quite according to plan. Such is life!

The limericks are designed to amuse, entertain and raise a smile or two. Some are aimed specifically at adults with themes which may be seen as a little risqué. However, all of this is adds to the comic effect and none overstep the mark.

We have a long history of saucy humour and these poems pay tribute to this great tradition. So, if you want to find out about the silly young strongman Russ, the lady baker from Govan, the ageing stripper Yvonne and many, many more......read on!

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity.

Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry.

Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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Yabadabadoit: You versus confidence – who wins?

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 Category : , 0

Yabadabadoit is aimed at anyone who has lacked confidence and would like to learn how to become more confident in order to achieve their goals. It's is widely accepted that the human brain is wired to keep us safe. This is inherent from pre-historic times when there was real and present danger every time you stepped outside of your comfort zone (or your cave, as the case may have been all those years ago). As humanity has evolved, such dangers have too and whilst new dangers have surfaced, others are no longer present, but do we still act as though they are?

For many of us, our brains, thoughts, feelings and actions, particularly reactions, are still in protective mode, still working hard to keep us safe and warning us at every juncture to get back in our comfort zone quick! But is your comfort zone really the best place to stay? If you have ever regretted not speaking up, not going for what you wanted or not putting yourself forward then Yabadabadoit could be the answer. It offers a simple strategy to overcome doubt and strut out of your cave.

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More Chess Games: Past & Present

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Most of the games in the book were played on Internet sites (e.g. playchess, chess.com, lichess.org, ChessPlanet, or chess24) between 2015 and 2021. Also included are over a dozen older games played in the late 1960s/early 1970s when I was living in London, either studying at King’s College or working (in the GPO).

Most of these older games do not appear in ‘My Chess Career and Selected Games’ (published 2018). The various brief articles on openings (e.g. the Albin Counter Gambit, the Scotch Game, and the Rice Gambit) or historical players (e.g. Levenfish, Taimanov, Cochrane) have appeared on my Facebook page. This collection is intended to complete what has become a trilogy of my chess games and personal reminiscences

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Mansa Musa: A Captivating Guide to the Emperor of the Islamic Mali Empire in West Africa and How He Developed Timbuktu into a Major Center for Trade

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In the grand scheme of things, very little is known of Mansa Musa’s life. We know that he was one of the greatest emperors of the Mali Empire. And we know that he was actually one of the richest men of all time due to the enormous gold deposits in West Africa that were under his dominion, but large parts of Mansa Musa’s life remain a mystery.

We know, for example, that he later expanded the reach of the Mali Empire considerably, eventually incorporating the legendary Timbuktu into his realm. Such things certainly make for fascinating tales, but the truth is much of Mansa Musa’s early life is virtually unknown. This is largely due to the fact that Mansa Musa did not have a biography of his exploits written about him during the time in which he lived.

Rather than a written record, the narrative of his exploits that are remembered come down to us through the lore of the griot—Mali’s oral storytellers. The tales that these bards spin are indeed riveting, but they tend to focus on certain key events in Mansa Musa’s later life. The epic journey of Mansa’s hajj to Mecca is covered, and so are some other key parts of his personal history. But many other aspects still draw a blank.

If you want to learn more about the history of Mansa Musa, get this book now!

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Braxton's Century: An Epic Novel Spanning The Globe And The Greatest Century

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Prince Braxton spans the globe, chasing his dreams.

Only one thing stands in his way, winning the exotically beautiful duchess's uncompromising heart.

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A Sleuth in Sausalito: A Gwen Harris Mystery

Sunday, March 28, 2021 Category : 0


What would you do if you were told the recent discovery of old bones at the bottom of a gorge might be those of your mother, who’d disappeared ten years ago? Gwen Harris leaves the University of Michigan to find out—was it an accident or was it murder?

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History of France: A Captivating Guide to French History

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France has influenced the course of history in Europe and the world for centuries. Considered one of the world’s most beautiful countries and home to some of the world’s most visited tourist locations, France has enthralled and fascinated the people who’ve discovered that, in many ways, the history of France encompasses both the good and bad in the human character.

The French have rightly prided themselves on their food, fashion, painting, sculpture, theater, films, and literature, among much else. The names Escoffier, Saint-Laurent, Monet, Rodin, Moliere, Truffaut, and Voltaire are known throughout the world. The famous Eiffel Tower is recognized as the symbol of France to people in the most remote places of the globe, but there is so much more to the history of France than escargot, wine, Impressionism, and movies. In this book, you’ll learn the history of France and of the French, one of the most fascinating, frightening, and inspiring histories of them all.

If you want to learn more about the history of France, get this book now!

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Grudges and Grace

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What is mightier than pen or sword? Love and Forgiveness. Jump into a journey through the 1800's, and see how one man's desire to overcome his anger led him to God and saved his children.

Come and learn how he did it. Read Grudges and Grace today!

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We'll Never Be Sixteen Again

Friday, March 26, 2021 Category : 0

Have you ever dreamt you turned up for work naked from the waist down? Anxieties like this began to form inside school-leaver Byrney's head whilst he worked at a busy village cafe and contemplated what the future had in store for him at the beginning of the blistering unforgettable hot summer of 1976.

When he fell for co-worker Max a free spirited but troubled girl he found himself constantly having to play catch up. Who at his age doesn't dream of finding a pot of gold and owning their own island?

And don't worry if you lose a few morals along the way, you can always pick them up later on when you're older and wiser. Unfortunately, for Max and Byrney they should have been more careful what they wished for - We’ll never be sixteen again.

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