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Leader Armor: Leadership for the Law Enforcement First-line Supervisor

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Are you a sworn or civilian law enforcement supervisor? Are you considering becoming a first-line supervisor? Are you interested in becoming a better leader? If so, this is the book to read. You have spent some time learning all the skills it takes to be a good cop, deputy, agent, or civilian member of a law enforcement agency. You've proven yourself on the front lines. You relied on tools such as protective instruments, defensive tactics, handcuffs, firearms, and your experience. In short, you've been a Superhero. To successfully transition from Superhero to Supervisor requires a new set of tools and skills; soft skills. As a supervisor, you are expected to know how to motivate the superheroes you lead, rate their performance, reward them when they do an outstanding job, and hold them accountable when they screw up. You also have a boss to report to, who will hold you responsible for doing all those things. After reading this book, you will be equipped with a new set of tools. Think about it as an entry-level academy for supervisors. If you follow the guidelines and lessons inside this book, you will not only be a successful supervisor; you will be a confident leader that others look up to and respect.

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History of Romania: A Captivating Guide to Romanian History, Including Events Such as the First Roman–Dacian War, Raids of Vlad III Dracula against the Ottoman Empire, the Great War, and World War 2

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Romania was internationally recognized in 1878, but its history is much older. To understand the people who inhabit this country, one must go back thousands of years and meet the first king who united the local tribes, Burebista. He and his successor, Decebal, warred against Roman legions, and although they displayed extraordinary bravery and military prowess, it wasn’t enough to preserve their independence. In this book, you will discover how Romania developed from a distant Roman province on the fringes of the Roman Empire to a modern state in eastern Europe, one ready to adopt Western values.

Romania lies on Europe’s eastern border, and as such, it is often neglected in history. Although it is a culturally very rich country, the world displayed little interest in its promotion. By reading this captivating history of Romania, you will learn about the turbulent past of the region, the many wars it fought, and the people who led them. You will also learn the truth behind the character of Vlad the Impaler and decide for yourself if he was a ruthless, bloodthirsty ruler or a politician, tactician, and national hero.

If you want to learn more about the history of Romania, get this book now!

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Python Programming For Beginners In 2021: Learn Python In 5 Days With Step By Step Guidance, Hands-on Exercises And Solution (Fun Tutorial For Novice Programmers) 

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If You Want To Learn Python Programming In As Little As 5 Days - And Have Fun Doing It, This Is For You 

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Pottery for Beginners

Friday, January 15, 2021 Category : 0

Pottery for Beginners. A night class, a way to meet new people, try new skills, have some fun perhaps? God knows Ruth needed an injection of fun into her grey, stale world, but she hadn't expected her own shattered life to be inextricably woven into the strange, colourful lives of the other students. She would experience extremes of hilarity, as well as profound tenderness and soul searching.

However, unknown to all, the class was being observed closely, manipulated and controlled. A not-so-quiet explosion in suburbia, soon Ruth would be embroiled in a case of torture, with multiple murders hiding close by in the shadows...

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Louise's Story: Where Once Stood Troy: A Family Saga

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Louise Halliday, Guy's daughter, joins Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps in 1945, still a teenager. She is posted to a Field Hospital on the Lüneburg Heath in North Germany, where she encounters victims of total war and is determined to become useful in the field of mental care. She witnesses how vast tracts of that country are ruined, as was Virgil’s Troy. After disturbing and daunting experiences, she returns to Norfolk and marries.

She pursues a career in Medicine at Bart's and Cambridge on treatment of stress, to which she had been exposed in Germany. Louise and her banker husband live a full and rich life in their large country house estate, and have a son, Michael. However, events conspire to divert her life and she establishes herself in a new career close to her heart.

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Underground Railroad: A Captivating Guide to the Routes, Places, and People that Helped Free African Americans During the Nineteenth Century and the Life of Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman

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Two captivating manuscripts in one book:

The Underground Railroad: A Captivating Guide to the Network of Routes, Places, and People in the United States That Helped Free African Americans during the Nineteenth Century

Harriet Tubman: A Captivating Guide to an American Abolitionist Who Became the Most Famous Conductor of the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad wasn’t underground. Nor was it a railroad. It was, however, an awe-inspiring piece of history, and one that speaks of hope even today.

Two hundred years ago, slavery had the Southern United States firmly in its evil grip. Around four million African Americans languished in the most appalling of living conditions, their lives controlled by people who saw them as objects. They were starved, whipped, and put to work despite being pregnant, sick, or so young that they could barely walk. They were despised, downtrodden, and degraded in every way. They longed for freedom, yet to reach the free land of Canada, they would have to cross thousands of miles filled with the threat of slave catchers, men who had made it their business to snatch desperate people who were on the very brink of liberty.

It was a hopeless time, but it was also a time of heroes. 

If you want to learn more about the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman, get this book now!

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The Unwanted Companion: A True Story

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In terms of stepping stones, and books that change the world, the book written by Patrick Murray is of such an ilk. That in the subject it brings to light; a harrowing account of reality behind what so long has been thought to be exclusively a medical condition. The extraordinary story in the context and detail it occurred, is a revelation for humankind. It is not only a testament to the unseen world, that it exists, but that we coexist with life forms we cannot see, but never the less, some of which are able to influence us, and in a very negative way, and do us harm. For those interested in the supernatural, mind body and spirit, or something unusual and unique, The Unwanted Companion is a must read. But of further importance is that it is a book that should be mandatory reading for all training and qualified psychiatrists, the world over, and all those working in these fields.

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Business Fits: How to Find the Right Business for You!

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The key is finding the right business that fits your talents, skills, and resources. The right business fit can help you reach your goals and achieve the life style you desire. Don't make this important decision for the wrong reasons. The options are infinite. Where to you start? Should you start your own business from scratch? Should you be looking for an existing business to buy? Is a franchise or some other business opportunity right for you? Business fits guides you through a creative Inside-Out approach to finding the right business for you.

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Endless Stream of Referrals: 10 ways to bring in referrals Daily

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Admit it... ...you don’t know how to get referrals.

That’s okay, because you know what the biggest problem business owners have? You guessed it, they have no idea how to get more referrals. You’re not alone.

It’s frustrating as heck. A lack of sales, lack of introductions, and no flow of leads can leave you depressed and uninspired. You’re great at what you do. That’s not the issue. You know if you can just get in front of enough people you’ll grow your business.

Fortunately, Donnie Boivin has a few strategies that will help you generate referrals…

…and fast!

He’s a three-time bestselling author of How to be a Success Champion, Your High Vibe Business, and Joy Stacking. And he has ten strategies that small business owners need to create ongoing referrals.

Being successful at sales is way more than just cold reach outs. Donnie learned that the hard way. He discovered referrals were the strongest way to add new clients and business and devoted years to find the best ways to bring in consistent daily referrals. He figured out that referrals are easy to generate. Yes…easy! And if you’re consistent with simple tasks, and get good at asking, your business will grow rapidly.

Donnie has developed a badass following who love his raw, honest, tough, and actionable insights, offered through real stories of how he built his business. Now, through Endless Stream of Referrals, he offers simple tactics to create ongoing introductions and referrals…

…because every business owner needs an effective strategy!

He has already helped hundreds of business owners get to the next level. He will immediately do the same for you.

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David DeLee Starter Pack Box Set

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This first in series bundle contains the first book in each of David DeLee's thrilling, edge-of-your-seat series featuring bounty hunter Grace deHaviland, ex-DEA agent Nick Lafferty, and NYPD detectives Frank Flynn & Christine Levy.

Join them as they deal with the worst society has to offer. As they track down criminals, solve vicious murders, and bring the offenders to justice without losing themselves to the darkness in the process.  Then check out each of their on-going series. 

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The Shadow Whisperer

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Maya, a complicated young woman with a gift for black humour and self-deprecation, is on a misguided quest for self-knowledge, wisdom and spiritual mastery…but only if the quest provides the answers she likes! Looking for her life’s purpose, Maya embarks on a remarkable and transformative journey of self-discovery. We follow her in a unique blend of spirituality, magical realism and folklore.

Each step on her spiritual path is a struggle often with hilarious and near catastrophic results. Along the way, we share the life-changing wisdom she learns under the guidance of Andres, a mysterious South American shaman. Why, she constantly asks, is the spiritual life so complicated? Will Maya be strong enough to accept her gift as a Sin Eater and complete the journey towards humility, trust and faith?

Maya’s story is an encounter about facing our fears and admitting our mistakes; facing and coming to terms with the past; searching for acceptance and forgiveness, and finding the courage to confront life’s challenges. The Shadow Whisperer is a story with the power to inspire and change people’s lives. Jennifer S. Hartley is an enchanting storyteller, inspiring people to see beyond the ordinary and into the remarkable.

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Align & Achieve

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Align & Achieve aims to help newer entrepreneurs understand the importance of having an online business, as well as how to actually grow one with ease.

As entrepreneurs, we are a part of the economy but how well you contribute to it and control it depends on how well your business is aligned with market demands. It depends on how well your sales and marketing strategies are aligned.

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Once Upon A Dream

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Lush. Evocative. Romantic. Enter the sensual world of modern day fairy tales with three novellas by USA Today bestselling author Sierra Simone.

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FROM THE AMAZON #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR "One of the best legal thrillers of 2020." - Best Thrillers JAKE LASSITER TACKLES THE COLLEGE ADMISSIONS SCANDAL Rich parents will pay anything to get their kids into college... For a price, Kip Lassiter can nail the perfect score on any test... When Kip is indicted, his heartbroken Uncle Jake must defend an unwinnable case.

As Lassiter struggles with a brain injury from his days as a pro football player, Dr. Melissa Gold, his fiancée, tries to keep him strong enough for a grueling trial. In a fiery courtroom showdown, Lassiter risks everything - including his own life - to fight for the evidence that could exonerate his nephew. "CHEATER'S GAME is a top-notch tale from Paul Levine, and his Lassiter is my kind of lawyer." - Michael Connelly, author of The Lincoln Lawyer NOTE: All the Lassiter novels are stand-alones that may be enjoyed in any order.

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Germania: A Captivating Guide to the History of a Region in Europe Where Germanic Tribes Dominated and How It Transformed into Germany

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Germany is a relatively young nation-state. United in 1871, it's even younger than the United States. However, the territories inhabited by the Germanic people have a rich history that reaches far back in prehistory and antiquity. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany witnessed centuries of conflicts, immigration, and negotiations. Consequently, its shape, size, and ethnicity changed throughout history.

The territories which constitute Germany today were often war zones, and at times they would join forces against a common enemy or break apart due to internal conflicts. Because of these conflicts, Germany’s boundaries, as well as what it means to be German, fluctuated throughout history and, in some way, are still evolving. The region's long and troubled history influences its present, its politics, and its nationality.

If you want to learn more about the history of Germania, get this book now!

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Daddy 3.0: A Comedy of Errors

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What a mess.  This was not supposed to happen. 

This isn’t where Nick Owen thought he would be by this point in life. He used to be a busy web programmer.

Now he spends most of his energy trying to stop his three-year-old twins from playing in a dirty sand pit.

Nick thinks of himself as Daddy 3.0, a stay-at-home-dad—but he just wasn’t programmed for this.

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Rebel's Guide to Spirituality: What Does it Mean to Find Yourself as a Lost 20 Year Old - Spirituality for Badasses while Healing Your Inner Being

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Have you ever felt lost? Like you’re not where you belong? All you know is that you’re not there. Don’t worry.

Even if you feel like you’re too old to change, it’s never too late. The life you really want is closer than you think! You just need to reconnect with yourself and your purpose...

In this new book, “Rebel’s Guide To Spirituality,” you’ll go on a journey from lost 20-year-old to a spiritual powerhouse, able to manifest the life you love! No matter what age you are or where you’re at in you life.

This book will also help you with:

Getting through hard times with gratitude

Healing your inner child to unlock your ability to manifest

Discovering the answer to the question: "what does it mean to find yourself?"

Understanding the impact meditation and chakras have on our lives

"Rebel’s Guide to Spirituality" isn't just a simple self-discovery or trauma healing book. It’s written for you!

Think of it as your guide to healing your inner being, so happiness becomes you.

Have you ever read a book and felt like you only got enough information to need more help? I think we all have.

Honestly, it takes more than just words to make a change. It takes action!

At the end of every chapter, you’ll find exactly what you need to put the lesson to work.

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The Last Virus

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Most interesting is that in the early days of the virus no one saw a total collapse. Now 3 years on, all we see are fear and hunger in these sewers and tunnels that we live in.

They will certainly find us.

It is actually the only certainty that we now have. – Anonymous, Sector 4

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Guy's Story: Through Yonder Window: A Family Saga

Friday, January 8, 2021 Category : 0

Captain Guy Halliday, Old Etonian, is a Cavalry Officer in the Royal Wessex Dragoon Guards, who sees action at the Battle of the Somme in July 1916. Brought up in idyllic rural Somerset by formidable parents, Guy, like Shakespeare's Romeo, looks forward to a blissful life with Giselle, the lovely lady who is later to become his wife.

However, different and unexpected turns force him to change tack. His life ultimately centres on his three children, wife, and his business in remote Norfolk. He is aware of the mounting danger presented by the rise of Hitler in Germany, and the threat posed by events in Imperial Japan.

A Private Pilot, his life is adventurous, but disturbed by political events between the wars, culminating in Chamberlain's broadcast declaring war on Nazi Germany in September 1939.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry.

Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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Sam’s Revenge

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David Barron’s pregnant wife and young daughter are killed by a hit and run driver, Malcolm Fox, in a stolen car. When Fox is sentenced to 5 years in prison, for dangerous driving, David tells a reporter that he had better stay in jail for as long as he can, because he will be a ‘dead man walking’ when he comes out.

David feels he must avenge his family’s death and meticulously plans the ingenious murder of Fox. He carries it out when Fox is released. The police are, at first, baffled by how the murder was done but eventually work it out and arrest David.

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Scoop: A Life In Fleet Street

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Journalists live for exclusive stories, or ‘scoops’ as they are better known. Terry Pattinson is one of those reporters from the ‘golden era’ of Fleet Street. Former Daily Mirror editor Mike Molloy called him a ‘great story finder.’ He was an industrial correspondent for 21 years – the final seven as Daily Mirror Industrial Editor. He was Reporter of the Year in the 1990 British Press Awards for his coverage of what became known as The Arthur Scargill Affair. He also won the London Press Club’s Scoop of the Year.

Former Labour Cabinet Minister Alan Johnson described Terry as a 'Fleet Street legend' while former Labour MP Fiona Mactaggart said, 'Terry was my favourite journalist.' Terry’s coverage of the Russian spacecraft taking photographs of the moon’s surface led to a world exclusive for the Daily Express. One rival newspaper called it ‘The Scoop of the Century.’

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Written by Dr Tony Fusco, a Chartered Psychologist who specializes in leadership coaching and Authentic Leadership Development, this fascinating book takes you on an A to Z journey around the concept of personal and leadership authenticity, through the ideas and examples of various psychologists, philosophers, political figures and business leaders.

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Night Shift

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A second chance police officer romance where the heat on the streets is almost too hot for the boys in blue!

Officer Matthew Danes has one focus in his life: the brotherhood in blue.

His life is consumed with the night shift on the police force – drug busts, arrests, the lights and sirens. Matthew needs to make a change.

Then, on an afternoon jog, he runs into an enchanting beauty and her faithful companion. And his life shifts on a dime.

Rosemarie intrigues Matthew like no one before. She consumes his every waking thought.

And in their whirlwind romance, Matthew falls for Rosemarie quickly.

But he doesn't want to stop himself.

And neither does Rosemarie.

But Officer Danes’ job is dangerous, and one night that danger hits too close to his heart.

Can Matthew keep the dirty streets from staining the love he’s found with Rosemarie?

Night Shift is a high-action, hard-hitting police romance in the Men in Uniform Series. If you love hot cops, heated relationships, and real-world police action, you'll love Night Shift by M.D. Dalrymple!

Discover this arresting cop romance today! 

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Written by Dr Tony Fusco, a Chartered Psychologist who specializes in leadership coaching and Authentic Leadership Development, this fascinating book takes you on an A to Z journey around the concept of personal and leadership authenticity, through the ideas and examples of various psychologists, philosophers, political figures and business leaders.

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The Pequot War: A Captivating Guide to the Armed Conflict in New England between the Pequot People and English Settlers and Its Role in the History of the United States of America

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The Pequot War (1636–1638) was a short-lived but extremely violent and bloody episode in United States history. This event represents one of the turning points in the entire history of North America, as the war changed the balance of power. The Dutch colonial authorities lost their status of being the dominant economic and political force, while the English took over this epithet. The end of the war also represented the first stage in England’s intensive expansion in that part of the world.

This historical event demonstrates the insurmountable antagonisms between two opposing cultures and perceptions. It was just the beginning of the conflicts between the European settlers and the Native Americans, as the Pequot War allowed the Puritans to have a testing ground so they could examine their military capabilities in the New World and observe the capabilities of the Native American tribes.

If you want to learn more about the history of the Pequot War, get this book now!

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Day Trading for a Living for Noobs: Everything You Need to Know to Start Day Trading for a Living

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Discover How to Get Results, Learn to Make Money Fast, And Easily Get Started with Day Trading in No Time!

When approaching day trading the right way, you can profit considerably. There are many day traders earning millions of dollars in profits every year. That fact leads me to the most significant benefit of day trading, financial freedom.

There's a way to do it: DAY TRADING FOR A LIVING FOR NOOBS.

You can gain financial independence that allows you to be the one in control of your destiny. That is not as farfetched as it seems. Day trading can give you the power to control your time, finances, and life.

Day trader and author, Laurence Price, provides an astounding start-to-finish plan for getting going with Day Trading. He'll show you, proven step by step strategies on where to begin, how to trade, and how to learn quickly.

Many people in this world want a different reality. They’re in the same pattern day in and day out, not even having to think. Just mindlessly doing work on autopilot or doing enough to keep their job. A lot of people fantasize about their dreams and goals becoming a reality through chance, but make no real effort to change things. This can’t be for you… A mediocre life where you blend into the crowd in this endless rat race. Life is an adventure and your meant to live it.

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Just eat the worm

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Just Eat The Worm is not just a book of hope and inspiration but wisdom and an antidote to excel in any adversity. A gem can't be refined without friction, nor a man perfected without trouble.

This book covers six proven strategies to embrace in tough times. Just Eat The Worm is a mental weapon for overcoming and outlasting crisis.

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Higher is Calling

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Higher Is Calling is not just an inspirational book but wisdom and antidote to excel in any adversity. A gem can't be refined without friction, nor a man perfected without crisis.

This book covers a true-life story about how author Maxwell Adekoje went in crisis from nothing to a successful person immersing in the power of gratitude.

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Dark Corporation

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Max Sargent is an every-day executive, but with a distant military past, uncovering corporate corruption for MI5. His assignments lead him on increasingly dangerous international adventures against criminals and Foreign Intelligence Services.A director intending to whistle blow on the Dark Corporation global security firm, mysteriously dies before meeting MI5.

Max Sargent has become a successful business Procurement Officer, with a distant and harrowing past in the Commandos. Following a business indiscretion, MI5 offer him clemency to find out what’s happening at Dark.

Max uses his corporate agility to uncover leads, whilst staying one step ahead of the controlling founder Frank Dark, who’s planning something big, and destructive. His assignment gets increasingly dangerous, taking him from the UK to India, Hong Kong and the Caribbean.

Discovering the involvement of a foreign Intelligence Service, Max finds himself being the only person with a chance of averting an impending global catastrophe.

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Her Ultimate Pleasure: The Science and Art to Her Ultimate Orgasms with The Most Comprehensive Guide to Introduce Pleasurable Anal Sex Plus Advanced Techniques

Friday, January 1, 2021 Category : 0

Men, do you want to be the lover that gives your woman her ultimate pleasure?

Women, do you want to enjoy easier, stronger, and multiple orgasms while experiencing a deep connection with your lover?

If the answer is YES, then keep on reading.

This book provides scientific research that shows women have stronger and more orgasms from anal sex. The content demonstrates a proven, pleasurable, and caring method to arouse a woman's body and mind so she can experience her ultimate orgasms, which include anal stimulation.

This is a detailed step-by-step guide that gradually and painlessly enables couples to enjoy the pleasures of anal sexuality. You will learn the techniques that make the process orgasmic for her.

There are illustrations with explanations on what to do and how to take it slow to build trust with her, so she experiences only pleasure. The advice in other resources (books, articles, videos) for anal sex provides minor tips that tell couples to use lots of lube and take it "slow." However, the resources do not explain HOW to go slow; therefore, the ambiguity leads to bad experiences. A detailed explanation on how to go "slow" in a pleasurable manner is especially important when introducing anal sex because if you mess up once, you probably won't get another try!

That is the story of many women who have tried it once but won't again because their partners went too fast, and it hurt! This book solves that problem. You will discover precisely how to take it slow in a way that will arouse and pleasure her every step of the way. She will enjoy the arousal process, and have stronger, more pleasurable orgasms while having deeply connected sex! Over the last decade, the content has benefited thousands of couples across 12 countries.

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