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Hole Punch

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"Hole Punch, by Garth Simmons, is a short story collections that defies description. Within its pages are hundreds of short, often fragmented, often bizarre narratives, characterised by cartoonish excess, visceral sensory descriptions, eccentric characters, and a grim but brilliant humour."

"a raw, fragmented, nightmarish collection of stories that makes you feel simultaneously bewildered, scared, disgusted, amused and angry all at once"


The height of the Earth Empire – where War Bricks flatten alien civilisations.

Yorkshire 1985 – where a child's mind is patched together with trauma.

Ancient Greece – where Socrates discovers a carnal method of time-travel.

Mars 2348 – where crime and terror haunt the Martian Habitation Domes.

The Mistake's skull – where Muscle Society achieves self-destruction.

Delaware Dost – where mindfulness prevails and hierarchy is understood.

The End of Everything – where convert concepts welcome refugees into the folds of theory.

All these places (and many more!) reside within the tangled text of Hole Punch.

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The Reconstruction Era: A Captivating Guide to a Period in the History of the United States of America That Greatly Impacted American Civil Rights after the War for Southern Independence

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The US Civil War brought about a lot of change. The nation not only had to figure out how to become united once again, but it also had to figure out how to integrate the newly freed slaves into society. In addition, the country had to figure out how to recover from the war, which devastated the South and took many lives on both sides.

President Abraham Lincoln favored a less punitive plan for reinstating the Confederate states back into the Union. Unlike other Republicans at the time, he did not think of these states as ever having left the Union. However, his plan never came to fruition.

His assassination left the Reconstruction efforts in the hands of Andrew Johnson, a Democrat. Johnson wanted to make things easier for his fellow Democrats in the South. Knowing this, the Radical Republicans in Congress passed their own laws, overrode Johnson’s vetoes, and eventually impeached him. Their plan for the South was punitive and harsh, as they expected total loyalty from any state wishing to rejoin the Union.

In this book, you will learn about the significant players and laws. You will read about the carpetbaggers and scallywags who tried to make things better for blacks in the South while also seeking their own fortune.

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Farming with Guns: A nation short on time and long on need

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Across Nigeria, Christians are dying.

The Fulani herdsmen’s invasion into peaceful communities of Nigeria has created a disturbing pattern of death and desecration; to this day none of the culprits have been brought to justice. Under the guise of an ancient livestock herding tradition, this group of people wage a war against the Christian population of the entire country. To protect their livestock, cattle farmers have graduated from using sticks, daggers and clubs to using sophisticated, brutal weapons like double-barrel shotguns and AK-47s.

Scholars the world over have been connecting this rise in violence to the Boko Haram insurgency, which has waged since 2009. Others wonder if this is a secret agenda aimed at wiping out non-Islamic populations in order to spread Islam to the conquered territories.

In this harrowing investigation, Dr Darlington Akaiso asks the questions no one else is willing to ask.

•Why are Christian churches being targeted by the Fulani herdsmen?

•Could this be an ethnic cleansing, with Christians as the primary target?

•Can anything be done to stop the brutal murder of innocent Christians?

•How did guns in the first place make its way to the grazing farmlands of Nigeria? 

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Hormone Balance Plan and Cookbook

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The simple approach that has helped millions of people take back their lives from chronic pain, illness, and dysfunction. 

Do you have extra, stubborn weight gain?

Bloated or extra inflammation?

Mood swings?

What you may not know, is that one simple lifestyle change can set you on the path to symptom freedom.

 As highly processed, inflammatory foods become more and more available, our bodies have struggled to adapt. Evolution spent millions of years curating a body that is unprepared for the high fat, animal product based diet that many people follow today.

 If you've spent hours in doctor's offices….

Tried more treatments than you can count….

Don't despair. As the saying goes, when in doubt, simple is better!

Inside Hormones Balance Plan & Cookbook, you will discover:

- The hidden factors throwing off your hormones that you consume every day without realizing it

- Pureture’s personal plant-based story and how it completely solved adrenal fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, leaky gut and more

- 7 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan With 21 Recipes to help ease your way into a healthier lifestyle (QR code to download colored version) 

- The scientific evidence proving the long-term benefits of a plant-based diet that have shocked even medical professionals

- Tips and tricks for an easier dietary transition, EVEN IF you’re not so keen on eliminating meat and dairy products

- The 4 simple steps to target sources of pain and discomfort with proper nutrition

- Plus a FREE bonus inside

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Measure For Measure: Redressing the Balance: A Critical Reappraisal of Shakespeare's Play

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Measure for Measure has proved unusually controversial since its earliest recorded performance in 1604. Adverse critical judgements and heavily-censored performances established a deep-seated and unjustified prejudice against the play. By redressing the balance, however, we can establish the full value of so much that was unappreciated or underrated for centuries.

This study deploys thorough, impartial analysis of texts and contexts (including detailed reference to the play in performance) to explore possibilities and to suggest alternative interpretations. It concludes that no play in the Shakespearian canon reflects the socio-political conundrums of the Twenty-First Century more comprehensively.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry.

Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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Far Horizons

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A working class boy of fifteen in Macclesfield excels at mathematics, develops into an IT expert and becomes a designer of complex algorithms for sophisticated search engines.

A genius, he is introduced to senior players in that field who help him to realise his full potential both professionally and personally. But will material success mean everything to him or are other things in the world more important?

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For Her Bones: Dark Tales

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Alec Reid’s ghosts of the twenty-first century seldom lurk in old houses or waft across chilly moors. His dark tales may breathe alongside the supernatural, but they take place in broad daylight, in our daily lives.

Their themes include dead warriors resurrected via Bluetooth, Rumpelstiltskin in the suburbs, an algorithmic fear of ghosts and the shattered dreams of immortality. The world they describe is the one you inhabit, but you would live in terror were you to recognise it for what it is. Life would, literally, not be the same.

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That One Almighty Thing

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Anwar Montan an orphaned product of an illicit fourteenth-century love affair is exiled from an aristocratic family in Provence by a grandfather who wants him dead. He is an outsider, growing up facing hardships and fighting for acceptance at a school for troubadours.

Armed with no more than a thirst for knowledge of the world and a curiosity about his place in it, he enlists in his mentor’s pursuit of the most important challenge of his young life - to help uncover evidence of a nefarious cabal’s plot to oust Queen Joanna I.

After being forced into conscription, he discovers love with the cabal’s private nurse but is soon framed for murder. Anwar must outwit his enemies before they have dethroned the Queen and killed everyone that he loves.

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Dropshipping: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Make Money Online And Build A Passive Income Stream Using The Dropshipping Business Model 

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Are you looking for a simple, beginner-friendly online business that you can start today with less than $100 and a computer?

If so, dropshipping could be for you and this book will show you how to be wildly profitable and successful with it.

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A Love So Wrong: A Forbidden Romance

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Gideon Lattimore was the town's all-star prince. Mr. Perfect, who gave out gleaming smiles and wicked winks--and he was Jade's hero. From the moment she met him, they had been inseparable. For Jade, Gideon was everything: he was her self-proclaimed protector, her best friend, and her family. Living in a beautiful, sleepy town by the ocean surrounded by family and friends, their sparkling futures were all mapped out. She would graduate high school and attend the same college as him, and maybe one day, she would even get over her secret crush. For now, though, life was simply perfect, and Jade was content to dream. But everyone knows perfect things never last.

Cast from the only place they had ever called home, Jade and Gideon Lattimore are forced to downsize their lives into seventy-seven inches of their recently deceased father's semi-truck. Together they travel across the US, taking every paying load they can in hopes of planning out a new future. With every mile passed, tensions begin to build, and unspoken feelings between them begin to rise to the surface, daring the other to acknowledge them first. But one poor decision comes crashing through their fragile existence, and it may just cost them their lives--or it just may make their forbidden dreams come true.

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As the world descends into chaos, a young cyborg tightens the noose around his neck. How could life spiral down into such a black hole? The cyborg terrorist revolutionaries attacking the clones; the riot police retaliating with public hangings; executions being streamed live across the entire sector; and true love failing. The new world order brings a class struggle, social unrest, and injustice where an interracial love has no hope to survive.

Watching over these proceedings is a trio of guardian angels, the Soul Sisters, who are there to remind us that everything and everyone are connected through the universal energy of love. Without love, you ain't nothing but a Cybersoul. Originally written as an allegorical stage musical, Cybersoul was inspired by the U.S. black civil rights movement and soul music of the 1960s. Here, the songs inform each chapter and add a lyrical poetry to the story.

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What Led Me to You

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After graduation, I thought I would have the life I had always dreamed of. But like everything else in my life, it was taken away from me. 

The people I trusted the most, betrayed me. So I left Las Vegas and found myself in a new state. New state, new surroundings, new beginnings. 

My mom always told me when one door closes, another one opens. This new beginning was just that, the closure of my past. I thought I was starting fresh. Even with my love life. 

However, just when I think I can move on and enjoy life, my past came knocking. Now my past is getting ready to take everything away from me, again. 

I thought I was safe from my past. I was wrong.

What Led Me to You is an 80,000+ STANDALONE book with suspense, romance and has a HEA.

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Constance & Enzo's Tea Time With Peyton

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From the author of the Rose's Ghost Trilogy and Asylum comes a thrilling new tale featuring familiar characters...

Peyton’s come a long way from the awkward twelve-year-old girl we met in That Summer, but her incredible gift is still wreaking havoc with her life. In her ongoing quest to find others like her, she’s unknowingly left a trail of breadcrumbs to her front door – for commiserating friends and desperate souls, alike.

But she couldn’t have predicted the lengths one visiting stranger would go to take advantage of her ability to talk to the dead. She’s never been good at predicting the actions of people, dead or alive, But this time her weakness - combined with the all-encompassing need of her captor - results in her disappearance.

Her advantage? Those who love her will do everything they can to find her and bring her home, including the recruitment of two uniquely qualified women. Will Margot - a pioneer in the world of science and the supernatural, and Charis - a sometimes reluctant, but highly gifted psychic - succeed in using their own special talents to see clues the police simply can't?

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Between Us

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She waited 20 years for him to return to her. Now four of her patients are dead, and the cause of their deaths lead back to the man she loves.  

Mimi de Soto is the Administrator of Hope for Another Day convalescent home. One night, three of her patients commit suicide, and in a matter of days, her staff will find two more seniors who have died in the same manner. Soon, Mimi reunites with Noah Taylor, her childhood sweetheart.

But their reunion sours when Noah’s father exposes Mimi to a world of drugs, lies, and murder.   Can Noah and Mimi expose the deception killing the seniors, or will the attempts to destroy them prevail?

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Romanian History: A Captivating Guide to the History of Romania and Vlad the Impaler

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Two captivating manuscripts in one book:

History of Romania: A Captivating Guide to Romanian History, Including Events Such as the First Roman–Dacian War, Raids of Vlad III Dracula against the Ottoman Empire, the Great War, and World War 2

Vlad the Impaler: A Captivating Guide to How Vlad III Dracula Became One of the Most Crucial Rulers of Wallachia and His Impact on the History of Romania

Romania was internationally recognized in 1878, but its history is much older. To understand the people who inhabit this country, one must go back thousands of years and meet the first king who united the local tribes, Burebista. He and his successor, Decebal, warred against Roman legions, and although they displayed extraordinary bravery and military prowess, it wasn’t enough to preserve their independence.

Romania lies on Europe’s eastern border, and as such, it is often neglected in history. Although it is a culturally very rich country, the world displayed little interest in its promotion. By reading this captivating history of Romania, you will learn about the turbulent past of the region, the many wars it fought, and the people who led them. You will also learn the truth behind the character of Vlad the Impaler and decide for yourself if he was a ruthless, bloodthirsty ruler or a politician, tactician, and national hero.

If you want to learn more about the history of Romania and Vlad the Impaler, get this book now!

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THE PEOPLE’S GOLD: EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, EVERY TIME! A Beginner’s Practical Guide on All You Need to Know on How to Profit from Gold (Bonus! Practical Tips for Investing in Silver)

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Don't have gold in your investment portfolio? Here’s why you're missing out. Is gold just for the rich? Will it be of any use to your already diversified portfolio? With prices at thousands of dollars for a few grams, gold is an expensive element. You'd have good reason to believe that it's only something the wealthy would buy, and probably just as a part of their collection of expensive things. But gold is much more than a material for luxurious jewelry or for ornate decorations.

Nowadays, gold is considered a safe haven for investors in an increasingly volatile market. Some investors invest in gold when they foresee a recession, inflation, or uncertainty. Others hold on to gold to preserve wealth, while having a vehicle to pass it on to future generations.

In THE PEOPLE'S GOLD: EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, EVERY TIME!, you'll discover: - A step-by-step guide to getting started with gold even without any investing background - How to legitimately invest in gold with less than $100 - Why you need to buy physical gold - How much of your portfolio to invest in gold so you don’t lose out on market gains, but still protect yourself in case of a severe downturn - An easy and accessible way to invest in gold without having to worry about storage and theft - Have a better understanding of your profile as a gold investor Don't wait until the economic system collapses. Get some gold now and ensure that you're financially protected!

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Your Father has Something to Tell You

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Mark Aherne is a middle-aged, married man living in Chicago. He’s estranged from his parents in Boston, his father having bullied and belittled him throughout his childhood.

One Sunday he receives a desperate phone call from his sister who has been caring for their parents for many years. She needs help: his parents are sick and have started drinking again. Mark soon finds himself back with his sister dealing with their parents’ loss of independence.

While caring for his parents, he remembers the past when he dealt with his father’s emotional effect on him and the family. His memories include many childhood events that filled him with guilt and a sense of separation.

As he slowly comes to understand his family’s dysfunction, he discovers secrets in his parents’ lives that led to their own unhappiness. With his mother’s dementia and his father’s stubborn isolation, Mark fears his own ageing as he learns to lay to rest the experiences of his childhood.

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The True Path To Freedom

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Jimmy and his brother, Jack, are wealthy boys living in the countryside. They have been privileged to have a helper, Silvia, working in the family home for years. However, the boys are very mean to Silvia.

Then, a respectable man, Simon, visits the town and sheds some truth about how to have real freedom.

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Michael's Story: Eton To Eden: A Family Saga

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Michael, Louise's son, after Eton goes up to Trinity Cambridge. Life in the sixties was about fun and work. His time at University is peppered with an active social life in Cambridge and London. After working in his grandfather's business in Norfolk, Michael goes into the City, joining the Merchant Bank of which his father had been a Director.

He dutifully serves his apprenticeship, and as soon as he decently can, branches out on his own, leads a life of hard business and dedicated pleasure in Norfolk and London. By way of girlfriends of differing kinds, he goes to work in New York in Corporate Finance, where he finds a wife. Family life is complicated but full of excitement and the couple eventually enjoy total changes in their lives amongst their numerous and diverse families.

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How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese

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How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese is written for people who either have been in business for up to a year or are interested in starting a business, but do not have money. It discusses five life-changing principles that will help you succeed.

Each principle has its own basis for preparing you to get your business up and growing with no money. So, whether you own a fledgling business or plan to start a business, this is the book for you.

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Common Sense Investing With Index Funds

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In Common Sense Investing With Index Funds, author James Pattersenn  draws on his in-depth research of more than a decade to reveal to you a common sense investing approach for building wealth and achieving financial freedom  without the complex strategies of day trading, swing trading, and other stock trading systems. Simplicity is the key to successful stock market investing.

In this investment guide, you will learn how to use index funds to build wealth and achieve financial freedom while outperforming most amateur and professional investors. This guide reveals easy-to-implement, powerful investment strategies that will put you on a path to building wealth without the need to pick individual stocks or the need to beat the market.  With this investment guide, you will soon discover that index investing is intelligent investing. 

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Dark Roads and Dead Ends

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Known for his edge-of-your-seat thriller novels, award-winning author David DeLee brings that same fast-paced, can’t catch your breath excitement to these twelve intriguing short stories and novellas of mystery and suspense.

An alcoholic cop, in mourning over his wife's death, thought he’d reached the end of his rope, until things got worse. Much, much worse; called to investigate a disturbance at the town’s supposed haunted house, what two officers uncover—friends since high school—will change them both forever; a woman who thought she’d been living the American dream discovers it’s all been a lie, and now someone is dead; and bounty hunter Grace deHaviland gets drawn into a complex, joint task force investigation and must face off against gunrunners, the U.S. Marshal Service, and the ATF, if she’s to find her skip before time runs out...for him and for her. And much, much more.

Vibrant, varied, engrossing tales, filled with interesting characters and heart in your throat suspense, David DeLee applies the same skill, imagination, and gut-wrenching twists and emotional turns his novels are known for to create fast-paced, well drawn out stories that will easily satisfy any thriller enthusiast.

Don't forget to check out David's series of novels including; the Grace deHaviland bounty hunter thrillers, Nick Lafferty crime thrillers, and his Flynn & Levy police procedurals.

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The House with the Narrow Forks

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Life skills never came easily to Bethany Sawyer as a child. Her struggle to use the fine cutlery at Christmas dinners with her extended family was just one example. Something was always off; she was different somehow, without anyone including herself knowing why. Now an adult, she has learned she is autistic; with insight comes better understanding of past and present.

At fourteen, Lucy Penhaligon’s autism diagnosis has come much earlier in life than her aunt’s did. Not that her life is any easier for it. Her mother won’t accept it; Lucy must simply try harder to integrate. If only people would believe she’s trying her hardest just to navigate each day. If only the bullying would stop.

Can Bethany preserve her wellbeing and help others too when society remains incompatible with how her brain works?

And how does the girl she may have glimpsed in the attic fit in?

Unexpectedly Stellar


"A delicious romcom. as funny as Bridget Jones's Diary" Andrew Davies, screenwriter for Bridget Jones's Diary Laugh-out-loud debut novel, this romantic comedy is the perfect read for 2020 Forgive Verb: to stop feeling angry or bitter towards someone who has done something wrong or made a mistake Easier said than done.

Betrayal comes in all shapes and sizes; short acts of pointed malice, sneaky insidious side-swipes, long, drawn-out dramas that test your very sense of self or, simply, betrayal by omission.

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The Pupil

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A music teacher living alone in a remote village. A strange new pupil who pays in advance for exactly twenty one lessons. The teacher finds himself increasingly preoccupied with the pupil. Uninvited things start changing. The impression of music from the attic. A coded diary slowly relinquishes its treacherous tale. Who is the beautiful and spirited Irish woman whose alluring wit and fondness for quoting Yeat’s poetry intoxicate him? Is she really the visiting freelance writer she claims to be?

What is behind her interest in the cottage he rents? Why does she insist there is a cellar there when he has never seen one? What possible reason can there have been for the exorcism once performed in the cottage? When a stranger in the local pub seems to recognize Adrian, the past becomes a predator. As tragedy looms, a voice from the saddest part of him asks ‘how is it that we best deceive ourselves when we are most certain that we do not?

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Oh Wot A Life: Nothing in this book is true, but it’s exactly the way it happened

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David Courtney is a Grammy-nominated, award-winning songwriter and record producer who has sold in excess of 33 million records and worked with countless legendary names in music, including Roger Daltrey, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and many more. His journey reads like a film script: a near-death experience at the age of nine; drummer in his own band at the age of 14; discovered Leo Sayer and co-wrote and produced many of his hits; a 37-year friendship with pop star and actor Adam Faith; a menacing encounter with the Mafia; and the mysterious death of his Venezuelan wife.

He has seemingly crammed ten lives into one and this remarkable autobiography describes all of them. Adam Faith didn't discover me,it was David Courtney LEO SAYER Harry Nilsson once described David Courtney as the English Phil Spector

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Beyond The Utmost Bound

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Beyond The Utmost Bound is an epic adventure about a teenage outcast that begins in a small Texas town of four roosters, a few stray dogs, not many more residents and concludes on a park bench in Paris.

Our 17-year-old hero leaves everything he has ever known and heads out on a spiritual and life-affirming quest for knowledge, clarity, and a better way to live.

An array of eccentric, fun, and quote-worthy characters lead him on a rip-roaring journey through the deserts of spiritual awakenings, over the rapids of romantic queries, up the mountain

of philosophical reflection, past the fog of psychedelic mist, down the road of metaphysical happenings, through the air of mystical wonder, and into the badlands and frontiers of the mind.

A journey that might not only determine his fate but ours.

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1000 YEARS OF TALKS WITH GOD: Science and Methuselah Speak!

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Lawrence “MUMPA” Durbin, an award-winning essay writer, now comes forth with his epic novel on the fantasy of all fantasies-human immortality. Live 1000 Years, say Science and Methuselah is book #1 of a trilogy. Planned for release in 2021 are the sequels, Live 1000 Years, the Fulfillment, and Live 1000 Years, the Conclusion. Mumpa became interested in immortality thirty-five years ago when purchasing a home near the site of Ponce de Leon’s 1513 discovery, the Fountain of Youth, in St. Augustine, Florida.

Mumpa is a Participating Member of American Writers and Illustrators. He received his degree in Education and Government from Kent State University and a CFP degree from the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. Mumpa

Has been a CFP Instructor at the University of Akron, operated a fourteen-person financial and estate planning firm, and has traveled and worked in the continents.

Mumpa is married, the father of five children, and is a grandfather to eight grandchildren. His youngest daughter, Natalia, is the Illustrator many of his works.

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History of the Jews: A Captivating Guide to Jewish History, Starting from the Ancient Israelites through Roman Rule to World War 2

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The Jewish people are one of the oldest living people groups on the planet. The Jews lived alongside the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, and Sumerians—all of whom have since disappeared from the pages of history. Yet the Jews still remain. Despite all of the odds, Jewish culture, language, laws, and religion have remained intact over the course of thousands of years.

Even after being kicked out of their homeland and scattered all over the globe, the Jews were able to hold their customs close to their heart. Their traditions kept them strong. Even from the worst ghettoes in Europe, great minds, such as Moses Mendelssohn, came forth and illuminated the world with their ideas. This light shined so brightly that soon the full emancipation of Jews became the norm in the civilized world. But then, in the middle of the 20th century, disaster struck when the Nazis came to power in Germany.

This horrific regime brought death and destruction upon the Jewish people on a scale that the world had never seen before. Yet despite the horrors of the Holocaust, the Jews survived. Not only did they survive, but their ancient homeland of Israel was also soon revived and reborn. When Israel became a state in 1948, the great dream of having a Jewish safe haven became a reality.

If you want to learn more about the history of the Jews, get this book now!

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Leader Armor: Leadership for the Law Enforcement First-line Supervisor

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Are you a sworn or civilian law enforcement supervisor? Are you considering becoming a first-line supervisor? Are you interested in becoming a better leader? If so, this is the book to read. You have spent some time learning all the skills it takes to be a good cop, deputy, agent, or civilian member of a law enforcement agency. You've proven yourself on the front lines. You relied on tools such as protective instruments, defensive tactics, handcuffs, firearms, and your experience. In short, you've been a Superhero. To successfully transition from Superhero to Supervisor requires a new set of tools and skills; soft skills. As a supervisor, you are expected to know how to motivate the superheroes you lead, rate their performance, reward them when they do an outstanding job, and hold them accountable when they screw up. You also have a boss to report to, who will hold you responsible for doing all those things. After reading this book, you will be equipped with a new set of tools. Think about it as an entry-level academy for supervisors. If you follow the guidelines and lessons inside this book, you will not only be a successful supervisor; you will be a confident leader that others look up to and respect.

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History of Romania: A Captivating Guide to Romanian History, Including Events Such as the First Roman–Dacian War, Raids of Vlad III Dracula against the Ottoman Empire, the Great War, and World War 2

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Romania was internationally recognized in 1878, but its history is much older. To understand the people who inhabit this country, one must go back thousands of years and meet the first king who united the local tribes, Burebista. He and his successor, Decebal, warred against Roman legions, and although they displayed extraordinary bravery and military prowess, it wasn’t enough to preserve their independence. In this book, you will discover how Romania developed from a distant Roman province on the fringes of the Roman Empire to a modern state in eastern Europe, one ready to adopt Western values.

Romania lies on Europe’s eastern border, and as such, it is often neglected in history. Although it is a culturally very rich country, the world displayed little interest in its promotion. By reading this captivating history of Romania, you will learn about the turbulent past of the region, the many wars it fought, and the people who led them. You will also learn the truth behind the character of Vlad the Impaler and decide for yourself if he was a ruthless, bloodthirsty ruler or a politician, tactician, and national hero.

If you want to learn more about the history of Romania, get this book now!

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Python Programming For Beginners In 2021: Learn Python In 5 Days With Step By Step Guidance, Hands-on Exercises And Solution (Fun Tutorial For Novice Programmers) 

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If You Want To Learn Python Programming In As Little As 5 Days - And Have Fun Doing It, This Is For You 

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Pottery for Beginners

Friday, January 15, 2021 Category : 0

Pottery for Beginners. A night class, a way to meet new people, try new skills, have some fun perhaps? God knows Ruth needed an injection of fun into her grey, stale world, but she hadn't expected her own shattered life to be inextricably woven into the strange, colourful lives of the other students. She would experience extremes of hilarity, as well as profound tenderness and soul searching.

However, unknown to all, the class was being observed closely, manipulated and controlled. A not-so-quiet explosion in suburbia, soon Ruth would be embroiled in a case of torture, with multiple murders hiding close by in the shadows...

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Louise's Story: Where Once Stood Troy: A Family Saga

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Louise Halliday, Guy's daughter, joins Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps in 1945, still a teenager. She is posted to a Field Hospital on the Lüneburg Heath in North Germany, where she encounters victims of total war and is determined to become useful in the field of mental care. She witnesses how vast tracts of that country are ruined, as was Virgil’s Troy. After disturbing and daunting experiences, she returns to Norfolk and marries.

She pursues a career in Medicine at Bart's and Cambridge on treatment of stress, to which she had been exposed in Germany. Louise and her banker husband live a full and rich life in their large country house estate, and have a son, Michael. However, events conspire to divert her life and she establishes herself in a new career close to her heart.

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Underground Railroad: A Captivating Guide to the Routes, Places, and People that Helped Free African Americans During the Nineteenth Century and the Life of Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman

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Two captivating manuscripts in one book:

The Underground Railroad: A Captivating Guide to the Network of Routes, Places, and People in the United States That Helped Free African Americans during the Nineteenth Century

Harriet Tubman: A Captivating Guide to an American Abolitionist Who Became the Most Famous Conductor of the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad wasn’t underground. Nor was it a railroad. It was, however, an awe-inspiring piece of history, and one that speaks of hope even today.

Two hundred years ago, slavery had the Southern United States firmly in its evil grip. Around four million African Americans languished in the most appalling of living conditions, their lives controlled by people who saw them as objects. They were starved, whipped, and put to work despite being pregnant, sick, or so young that they could barely walk. They were despised, downtrodden, and degraded in every way. They longed for freedom, yet to reach the free land of Canada, they would have to cross thousands of miles filled with the threat of slave catchers, men who had made it their business to snatch desperate people who were on the very brink of liberty.

It was a hopeless time, but it was also a time of heroes. 

If you want to learn more about the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman, get this book now!

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The Unwanted Companion: A True Story

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In terms of stepping stones, and books that change the world, the book written by Patrick Murray is of such an ilk. That in the subject it brings to light; a harrowing account of reality behind what so long has been thought to be exclusively a medical condition. The extraordinary story in the context and detail it occurred, is a revelation for humankind. It is not only a testament to the unseen world, that it exists, but that we coexist with life forms we cannot see, but never the less, some of which are able to influence us, and in a very negative way, and do us harm. For those interested in the supernatural, mind body and spirit, or something unusual and unique, The Unwanted Companion is a must read. But of further importance is that it is a book that should be mandatory reading for all training and qualified psychiatrists, the world over, and all those working in these fields.

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Business Fits: How to Find the Right Business for You!

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The key is finding the right business that fits your talents, skills, and resources. The right business fit can help you reach your goals and achieve the life style you desire. Don't make this important decision for the wrong reasons. The options are infinite. Where to you start? Should you start your own business from scratch? Should you be looking for an existing business to buy? Is a franchise or some other business opportunity right for you? Business fits guides you through a creative Inside-Out approach to finding the right business for you.

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Endless Stream of Referrals: 10 ways to bring in referrals Daily

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Admit it... ...you don’t know how to get referrals.

That’s okay, because you know what the biggest problem business owners have? You guessed it, they have no idea how to get more referrals. You’re not alone.

It’s frustrating as heck. A lack of sales, lack of introductions, and no flow of leads can leave you depressed and uninspired. You’re great at what you do. That’s not the issue. You know if you can just get in front of enough people you’ll grow your business.

Fortunately, Donnie Boivin has a few strategies that will help you generate referrals…

…and fast!

He’s a three-time bestselling author of How to be a Success Champion, Your High Vibe Business, and Joy Stacking. And he has ten strategies that small business owners need to create ongoing referrals.

Being successful at sales is way more than just cold reach outs. Donnie learned that the hard way. He discovered referrals were the strongest way to add new clients and business and devoted years to find the best ways to bring in consistent daily referrals. He figured out that referrals are easy to generate. Yes…easy! And if you’re consistent with simple tasks, and get good at asking, your business will grow rapidly.

Donnie has developed a badass following who love his raw, honest, tough, and actionable insights, offered through real stories of how he built his business. Now, through Endless Stream of Referrals, he offers simple tactics to create ongoing introductions and referrals…

…because every business owner needs an effective strategy!

He has already helped hundreds of business owners get to the next level. He will immediately do the same for you.

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David DeLee Starter Pack Box Set

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This first in series bundle contains the first book in each of David DeLee's thrilling, edge-of-your-seat series featuring bounty hunter Grace deHaviland, ex-DEA agent Nick Lafferty, and NYPD detectives Frank Flynn & Christine Levy.

Join them as they deal with the worst society has to offer. As they track down criminals, solve vicious murders, and bring the offenders to justice without losing themselves to the darkness in the process.  Then check out each of their on-going series. 

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The Shadow Whisperer

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Maya, a complicated young woman with a gift for black humour and self-deprecation, is on a misguided quest for self-knowledge, wisdom and spiritual mastery…but only if the quest provides the answers she likes! Looking for her life’s purpose, Maya embarks on a remarkable and transformative journey of self-discovery. We follow her in a unique blend of spirituality, magical realism and folklore.

Each step on her spiritual path is a struggle often with hilarious and near catastrophic results. Along the way, we share the life-changing wisdom she learns under the guidance of Andres, a mysterious South American shaman. Why, she constantly asks, is the spiritual life so complicated? Will Maya be strong enough to accept her gift as a Sin Eater and complete the journey towards humility, trust and faith?

Maya’s story is an encounter about facing our fears and admitting our mistakes; facing and coming to terms with the past; searching for acceptance and forgiveness, and finding the courage to confront life’s challenges. The Shadow Whisperer is a story with the power to inspire and change people’s lives. Jennifer S. Hartley is an enchanting storyteller, inspiring people to see beyond the ordinary and into the remarkable.

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Align & Achieve

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Align & Achieve aims to help newer entrepreneurs understand the importance of having an online business, as well as how to actually grow one with ease.

As entrepreneurs, we are a part of the economy but how well you contribute to it and control it depends on how well your business is aligned with market demands. It depends on how well your sales and marketing strategies are aligned.

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Once Upon A Dream

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Lush. Evocative. Romantic. Enter the sensual world of modern day fairy tales with three novellas by USA Today bestselling author Sierra Simone.

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FROM THE AMAZON #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR "One of the best legal thrillers of 2020." - Best Thrillers JAKE LASSITER TACKLES THE COLLEGE ADMISSIONS SCANDAL Rich parents will pay anything to get their kids into college... For a price, Kip Lassiter can nail the perfect score on any test... When Kip is indicted, his heartbroken Uncle Jake must defend an unwinnable case.

As Lassiter struggles with a brain injury from his days as a pro football player, Dr. Melissa Gold, his fiancée, tries to keep him strong enough for a grueling trial. In a fiery courtroom showdown, Lassiter risks everything - including his own life - to fight for the evidence that could exonerate his nephew. "CHEATER'S GAME is a top-notch tale from Paul Levine, and his Lassiter is my kind of lawyer." - Michael Connelly, author of The Lincoln Lawyer NOTE: All the Lassiter novels are stand-alones that may be enjoyed in any order.

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Germania: A Captivating Guide to the History of a Region in Europe Where Germanic Tribes Dominated and How It Transformed into Germany

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Germany is a relatively young nation-state. United in 1871, it's even younger than the United States. However, the territories inhabited by the Germanic people have a rich history that reaches far back in prehistory and antiquity. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany witnessed centuries of conflicts, immigration, and negotiations. Consequently, its shape, size, and ethnicity changed throughout history.

The territories which constitute Germany today were often war zones, and at times they would join forces against a common enemy or break apart due to internal conflicts. Because of these conflicts, Germany’s boundaries, as well as what it means to be German, fluctuated throughout history and, in some way, are still evolving. The region's long and troubled history influences its present, its politics, and its nationality.

If you want to learn more about the history of Germania, get this book now!

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Daddy 3.0: A Comedy of Errors

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What a mess.  This was not supposed to happen. 

This isn’t where Nick Owen thought he would be by this point in life. He used to be a busy web programmer.

Now he spends most of his energy trying to stop his three-year-old twins from playing in a dirty sand pit.

Nick thinks of himself as Daddy 3.0, a stay-at-home-dad—but he just wasn’t programmed for this.

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Rebel's Guide to Spirituality: What Does it Mean to Find Yourself as a Lost 20 Year Old - Spirituality for Badasses while Healing Your Inner Being

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Have you ever felt lost? Like you’re not where you belong? All you know is that you’re not there. Don’t worry.

Even if you feel like you’re too old to change, it’s never too late. The life you really want is closer than you think! You just need to reconnect with yourself and your purpose...

In this new book, “Rebel’s Guide To Spirituality,” you’ll go on a journey from lost 20-year-old to a spiritual powerhouse, able to manifest the life you love! No matter what age you are or where you’re at in you life.

This book will also help you with:

Getting through hard times with gratitude

Healing your inner child to unlock your ability to manifest

Discovering the answer to the question: "what does it mean to find yourself?"

Understanding the impact meditation and chakras have on our lives

"Rebel’s Guide to Spirituality" isn't just a simple self-discovery or trauma healing book. It’s written for you!

Think of it as your guide to healing your inner being, so happiness becomes you.

Have you ever read a book and felt like you only got enough information to need more help? I think we all have.

Honestly, it takes more than just words to make a change. It takes action!

At the end of every chapter, you’ll find exactly what you need to put the lesson to work.

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The Last Virus

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Most interesting is that in the early days of the virus no one saw a total collapse. Now 3 years on, all we see are fear and hunger in these sewers and tunnels that we live in.

They will certainly find us.

It is actually the only certainty that we now have. – Anonymous, Sector 4

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Guy's Story: Through Yonder Window: A Family Saga

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Captain Guy Halliday, Old Etonian, is a Cavalry Officer in the Royal Wessex Dragoon Guards, who sees action at the Battle of the Somme in July 1916. Brought up in idyllic rural Somerset by formidable parents, Guy, like Shakespeare's Romeo, looks forward to a blissful life with Giselle, the lovely lady who is later to become his wife.

However, different and unexpected turns force him to change tack. His life ultimately centres on his three children, wife, and his business in remote Norfolk. He is aware of the mounting danger presented by the rise of Hitler in Germany, and the threat posed by events in Imperial Japan.

A Private Pilot, his life is adventurous, but disturbed by political events between the wars, culminating in Chamberlain's broadcast declaring war on Nazi Germany in September 1939.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry.

Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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