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Seeing The Grocery Store Through Seinfeld Eyes

Posted on Friday, March 26, 2021 | No Comments

Like humor books? Enjoy Seinfeld?  Giddy up! You'll enjoy this 99-cent Amazon Countdown Deal for the outrageous celebration of the 30th anniversary of TV's greatest sitcom.

Award-winning author R. Scott Murphy spotlights the yada, yada, yada gang's madcap characters, catchphrases and curiosities.  Try your hand at Seinfeld trivia, rank your favorite episodes, grab a Seinfeld Fan Grocery List, and laugh all over again at the show's best moments.  The fun doesn't stop there.  Murphy mixes in more madness by taking a very Seinfeld-like approach to finding the weird, wild and wacky things in today's world.

He focuses his "Seinfeld Eyes" on 30 crazy goings-on in the place where the most peculiar, Seinfeld-like things occur - the grocery store.  You won't believe what he saw!  Sweet fancy Moses, this book is an absolute must-have for any Seinfeld fan. It hit #1 on Amazon humor.  Find out why.  Let the insanity begin.  Get it now!

Read "Seeing The Grocery Store Through Seinfeld Eyes" by R. Scott Murphy on Amazon Kindle

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