A Girl and Her Cat

They would kill the girl. And they would kill the cat too—it was her cat. It had foolishly chased after the kidnappers when they had abducted the girl. It would get what it deserved. The crimes the child had committed against Islam were endless. She had blasphemed the Prophet. She had accused him of killing all the leaders of her tribe. She was Asma bint Marwan, the 7th Century poet murdered on orders from Muhammad, but Zeus had taken her to the Netherworld and now after all these years she was back. She was only ten years old in her current form; lean, lithe, and athletic with a 1,400-year-old brain in her head. Johnny Bascomb called her bossy, sassy and grumpy and that she was, but would that be enough to get her through the perils waiting for her in the Caliphate run by the Necromancer and the Imam ali-Kazam? The Holy Man planned to convert her to the one true faith then kill her. Among other residents of the Caliphate were John Wilkes Booth, Blackjack Ketchum, Giuseppe Zangara, Emma Goldman, Leon Czolgosz, Bobby Ford (the man that laid Jesse James in his grave), and assorted ISIS thugs. It would be a fight to the death in the swamps of the Louisiana Delta with man-eating crocodiles, wild boars, poisonous snakes, and retired pirates living on social security waiting for the Caliphate to collapse so they could gobble up the survivors. There would be no mercy. It was time for Asma to say her prayers. Would it be “Allahu akbar,” or “Jesus saves?” Or how about the child’s favorite, “Mother of Hera?”

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