A Picture of Silence

Nothing could have prepared feisty sexual prude, Leah Scott, for what she was about to encounter. The country home abroad was the perfect solution to start afresh. Life was good again! So, who exactly is watching Leah, and more importantly, why? What follows next is hard to grasp. Lively and fast paced, and a thrill-a-minute plot. Leah soon embarks on a perilous sinister journey in a world of violence and debauchery. Yet throughout this turmoil; a naive Leah erotically matures and is somewhat blinded by chivalry from a mysterious individual. Not once did Leah suspect that this intriguing turnaround of events would dramatically change her life forever. Sensuality, mixed with treacherous liaisons, results in nothing more than Leah fighting for survival. …Can Leah actually trust anyone?

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