A Town Called Wonderful, Part 3 of 4: from Book 1 of The Underlands Series

Part 3 finds our searchers in the most harrowing part of their adventure so far. Having just found out who Sheriff really is, the young couple is shaken. However, they are becoming closer than ever as they have to face each setback together. Everything is being threatened in this installment, but the possibilities of Thomas’s Luminant abilities give them hope, hope that escape is actually an option. The pace picks up even more as Thomas and Emily get separated by the most devastating event yet. Will they find each other again? Will this reduce their chance for escape? Thomas has to be the man he knows he can be. He has to get a grasp on his powers and let something bigger guide him. Free on 3/11-12 and only $.99 from 3/13-16 Parts 1, 2, and 3 free on 3/12

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