AArdvarks: A Daily Recovery Message Novella

AArdvarks tells the story of young people struggling to recover from addiction. Each section ends with a thought-for-the-day tied to the characters’ experiences.

Liam’s parents have inherited more money than they know what to do with. They’d like Liam to join them on a drunken tour of Europe. He doesn’t see a future in debauchery, but would go if Ann came too. Only nineteen, she looks much younger despite her coke habit. When she turned eighteen she looked fourteen. “Guys like that,” she says. They paid for her coke.

Michaela thinks Ann should be a little more ashamed of her past.

She describes herself as a cliche, “knocked up in high school” and alcoholic. James tries to referee their arguments. He holds dual Kenyan/British citizenship, has been addicted to crack, and to the amazement of his peers, remains a virgin.

The Emu from CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) is smart, idealistic, and in love with alcohol. He’d like to help Relapse Boy get clean and sober. Relapse Boy never met a drug he didn’t like. Having been through rehab many times, he is a “brick stacker” rather than a “bricklayer.” He will break their hearts.

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