Ancients (Heroes by Necessity Book 1)

A quest for power. A growing evil. Can a scholar of magic keep an incredible discovery from the forces of darkness?

Wizard and bookworm Athala Dohn pursues her research with a fiery passion. So when she uncovers evidence of an ancient spell buried deep within the city, she won’t rest until she’s the one who secures it. With undead skeletons, giant rats, and even a dragon in her path, Athala never expected a set of metal bars to thwart her. But when she and her companions are falsely imprisoned and a wizard tortures her and her friends for what they know, Athala realizes her curiosity may have unleashed chaos.

Ancients is the first book in the Heroes by Necessity saga. If you like magical Dungeons and Dragons inspired worlds, diverse and multifaceted characters, and pulse-pounding action, they you’ll love Riley S. Keene’s epic tale!

99 Cent Bargain eBook from November 22 – December 1, 2018