Apocalypse with a Side of Grilled Spam – Episode One

apocalypse-grilled-spamThe search for the mysterious subatomic particle called the strangelet has led to the destruction of the world as we know it. A supercollider accident cracks open thousand-mile rifts in space-time and unleashes a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that burns out electronics across the Earth. Millions of biomechanical aliens cross the gap between worlds and begin a massive attack.

Later, survivors would call the aliens ‘steelies’ and the event ‘Day Zero.’ Lieutenant MacWilliams and Private Graves survive the initial invasion wave that hits Fort Bragg, North Carolina. MacWilliams’ commanding officer orders him to evade the enemy and protect physics Professor Norbett. The three men cross a shattered America in a souped-up Humvee while rallying what survivors remain with their daily radio reports.

Three years go by until the group gets their first ray of hope. MacWilliams comes across something that could turn the tide at a refugee settlement set inside the Kansas ‘Big Box Mart’ outlet store. It falls to him and his crew to get the word out across a land choked with post-apocalyptic wreckage and teeming with deadly alien monsters!

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