At The Walls Of Galbrieth

Winner of the 2013 Eric Hoffer YA Book Award, At The Walls Of Galbrieth is a coming-of-age saga about a young elf, reluctantly destined to free his enslaved people. But he finds the use of violence abhorrent and holds the friendships he forms higher than his own safety or destiny. When the Emperor’ army attacks his village to punish traitors and conscript youth, Seanchai flees to the mountains, seeking safe harbor with an uncle he has never met. He is shocked as many people sacrifice their lives to ensure he reaches a Wycaan Master, an enigmatic woman named Mhari, who can teach him to wield a powerful death-and-life magic that might just free the races of Odessiya, but only if he allows Mhari to fulfill her own destiny. As Seanchai’s perilous journey unfolds, he develops close friendships with a small band of loyal protectors, especially his tough guide Ilana. Their relationship blossoms into a tentative first love that is intensified by the danger around them. In a world defined by strict racial boundaries, where humans rule, dwarves hide deep underground, and elves are a slave nation, Seanchai must find a way to forge friendships and trust, unheard of since the fall of the Wycaan Masters, and unite the races into an alliance. When you cannot topple a powerful emperor with swords, armies, and allies, what you need is a reluctant hero armed with an ancient magic and the timeless art of friendship.

99 Cent eBook from March 19 – 21, 2017