Boardroom Bully Presents: ETHICS A Guide For The Good Guys

Day after day we see it more. More ethical lapses with CEO’s, politicians, and don’t get me started on accounting firms. Insider trading, accounting scandals, environmental mishaps that are covered up; I mean the list is a continuous stream of unethical pus. And it’s not even the 80’s this is the 21st century! Simply turn on the “real news” to verify the Creep show that passes for good business! It stands to reason that if there are so many bad guys that are lurking about waiting to deprive and deceive you in your business dealings and there are then there must be some good guys waiting to perform their best ‘Chuck Rhoades” impression with the sole mission of crushing the evildoers. With so many industries rife with bad ethics it seems as if everyone is in on the game if the money is green leaving the everyday citizen susceptible to the whims and schemes of the unscrupulous. Well here with Boardroom Bully Presents Ethics for the Good Guys we intend to lay a foundation for “ethical business bullying” like the idea of ethical hacking; we spot the bad guys and recognize the threat and neutralize it before it becomes a problem. We provide future “Ethical Boardroom Bullies” with the tools to counter the dark side. So, remember with great power comes great responsibility. This book will help change the ethics idea forever!

99 Cent Bargain eBook from August 9 – 16, 2017