Born a Poor, Black, Indian, White Girl

How different would your life be if you released the trauma you suffered as a child or adult? If you feel alone with your secrets and pain and cannot see a way past the past, read on.

De shares her experiences of poverty, bullying, grief, racism, abuse, and alcoholism. She mixes sarcasm, raw emotion, honesty, humor and grief to show how family relationships can go sideways, actions or words said in anger have rippling effects, and how important it is to make peace with your past.

It’s a highly relatable memoir filled with funny stories you could not make up if you tried and tales of loss that profoundly affected the author for years.

As a white child growing up in the inner city, De experienced severe bullying fueled by racism and had two sexual traumas before the age of thirteen at the hands of “trusted adults”. She talks candidly about these and more throughout the book.

Born a Poor, Black, Indian White Girl is also a story about how unreleased traumatic events have a lasting affect on what we experience each day.

The truth is WE choose what we want to be and do in life regardless of what has happened in the past.

This inspirational book shares lessons learned and how those lessons can show us our greatest strengths and lead us to our life purpose.

It matters not your gender, beliefs or age, if you’ve had your share of trauma you can choose to release it or keep holding on to it.

Either way, know that you are not alone! It is possible to achieve your happy, drama-free and purpose driven life even after experiencing multiple life traumas.

99 Cent Bargain eBook from April 6 – 9, 2018