Bullet with my Name grips the reader and begins a sassy ride through the world of crime, vengeance, and punishment in Kenya. The novel offers commentary on the plight of Kenyan youths yoked in hopelessness, some of them swept up in turbulent dreams and misfiring passions. All of this is wrapped up in a complex murder plot, orchestrated by two unlikely assassins, covering multiple towns within the Rift Valley region.

The first-person narration gives clear access to the protagonist’s thought processes, desires and instincts, which are chillingly dark and frightening, a combination of cold calculation and strong emotion. The balance is quite powerful and gripping.

The narrative has a racy and sophisticated, almost poetic cadence to it. This elevates it above traditional storytelling, without making it pretentious, stuffy, or unapproachable. It has a lovely literary quality about it, flowing effortlessly from scene to scene, coming to heart-throbbing climax at the courtroom, a place where justice is practiced, seldom done.

99 Cent Bargain eBook from February 1 – 28, 2017

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