Caligula Reincarnate: A Novel

“Caligula is a perfect monster: nuanced, well-written, an iconic villain.” San Francisco Chronicle

History’s most blood-thirsty killer is blessed and cursed with crippled immortality. Caligula is reborn time and again. Each reincarnation’s single purpose; to satisfy sociopathic desires.

Sarah Warner, a terminally ill, reluctant psychic, accidentally releases the two-thousand-year-old spirit of Marcus, the Roman Caligula imprisoned to obtain immortality. Marcus shares Sarah’s mind and the two form an unbreakable bond. They set out to find the current generation’s Caligula reincarnated and end his timeless reign of terror.

They track him to the island of Capri where his mega yacht is moored; a floating torture chamber for young men and women lured to horrible deaths.

Sarah and Marcus must face Caligula’s soul, not here, but in a spiritual plane, one Caligula knows well.

“It has been decades since I’ve read a character with Caligula’s depth and evil,” Herbie Brennan, The Irish Times

“It is a rare author who can truly write heroes and monsters equally well, Peek succeeds.” SF Chronicle

“Imposing, dark, twisted – Peek gives us a true sense of malice few writers can muster.” PW

$1.99 Bargain eBook from December 21, 2018 – January 7, 2019