The Tales of Anna Connor

There are two things Anna loves most… her family and her job working at the local bakery. However Anna dreams of something exciting happening in her life. Is something about to change for Anna, in ways she could never imagine. A gift from her Uncle brings Anna more then she could ever wish for. On… Continue reading The Tales of Anna Connor

Whither Thou Goest

It is 1820 and Jessica, grieving for the loss of her fiancée at Waterloo, accompanies her clergyman father on an expedition to South Africa with the intention of continuing her work as a schoolteacher and helping him to minister to the spiritual needs of settlers whom the British Government is encouraging to take up land… Continue reading Whither Thou Goest

Queen Julius Caesar

Untold histories are often the most interesting… Can a King be a Queen? Can an Emperor love a King and a Queen? Are you ready to accept that Rome’s greatest ruler was Bisexual? In an ancient Greek province, there lived a King and his sister-wife. You are unlikely to have heard of them, yet they… Continue reading Queen Julius Caesar

Shakespeares Bear

In 1592, Elizabethan England is a perilous place, rife with plague, civil unrest, highwaymen, violent animal sports, and Spanish plots against the Queen. Hamnet Shakespeare, young son of renowned playwright William, buys an abandoned bear cub in the market. Hamnet names him Mummer, a travelling actor who mimes. Boy and Bear learn showmanship! Darkly, alongside… Continue reading Shakespeares Bear

GIUSEPPE di MONTEFIORE of Mottarone and the Lakes

On leaving the idyllic mountain setting overlooking the splendour of Lake Maggiore where he has grown up, in order to pursue his operatic training in the bustling city of Milan, Giuseppe could never have imagined the dramatic circumstances that would lead him through Florence, Venice, Baden-Baden in Germany, and across the Atlantic to Philadelphia. Set… Continue reading GIUSEPPE di MONTEFIORE of Mottarone and the Lakes

Dancing With H.

DANCING WITH H. is the story of men and women caught up in a common fate with different destinies, ultimately searching for their identity and atonement. All characters are fictional with references to real-life individuals and events. The narrative spans the years starting from 1938 into the early 1950’s. FREE eBook From June 5 –… Continue reading Dancing With H.

Will of Steel

When the truth behind her husband’s death comes to light, Jordan will need strength as strong as steel to survive. Jordan Regent finds herself a widow, running her husband’s steel business. One night while sorting through her husband’s things she discovers a secret that threatens her future. As her life unravels, Jordan must hold on… Continue reading Will of Steel