Spinning My Wheels

FIVE STAR PBR BOOK REVIEW… Snowden impresses with his exceptional collection of eight deeply poignant stories in his latest. A decades-old unsavory act sets the stage for a hard-edged businessman’s transformation into a sympathetic person weighed down with guilt and shame in “Yesterday’s Giant.” Snowden’s prose is assured as he takes readers into a long-dead… Continue reading Spinning My Wheels

Brighton Beach: A Kurtz and Barent Mystery (Book 5)

Richart Kurtz has the typical surgeon’s deep-seated mania for control and right now, too many things are happening, none of which make sense. His most recent patient, an undercover cop, has had his brain scrambled by a sniper’s bullet. Another patient is dying because an incompetent colleague made one mistake too many. A third patient… Continue reading Brighton Beach: A Kurtz and Barent Mystery (Book 5)

Deadly Purchase

Buyer beware. To create excitement, Ruger, a shady dealer at the annual rendezvous flea market, puts up for auction a locked Civil War trunk with contents to be sold sight unseen! That night, the highest bidder, Zeke Jones, is found stabbed to death beside the trunk. Sheriff Jeff McQuede believes Jones has interrupted a robbery… Continue reading Deadly Purchase

Photographic Memory: A Wilson and Phillips-Lehman Mystery

It is 1973 and Peter Wilson, a young reporter working in Oxford, is in hospital recovering from a car accident. During his stay, he becomes friendly with a young Persian nurse, who tells him a mysterious story, casting doubt upon the true parentage of the child of a wealthy young couple. Forty years later, whilst… Continue reading Photographic Memory: A Wilson and Phillips-Lehman Mystery

FIREBUG by Wes Snowden

“A compulsively readable suspense thriller… An investigation into a series of many deliberate fires in a row puts the investigative journalist Maxwell Muggs on the trail of a maniac killer in Snowden’s gripping latest. Maxwell Muggs, an investigative reporter and a recovering gambler, gets involved in a case of suspicious fires around the city. Paired… Continue reading FIREBUG by Wes Snowden

Bone Meadow

In 1945, a mysterious killer has been lurking in plain sight in the small town of Reckon, Texas. When student pastor Big Roy Goodson moves in, he is thrust into the abduction of a local Japanese girl. Reluctantly, he will have to lay down his Bible and pick up the badge of Sheriff to bring… Continue reading Bone Meadow

The Pillow Case Murders

When Henry Hetherington-Busby discovered that the nursing home of choice for his mother was full, he hit upon a staggeringly simple solution. Where no vacancy existed he would create one. An unexpected death in a nursing home would not arouse suspicions. After all, they are God’s waiting rooms and the Grim Reaper is never far… Continue reading The Pillow Case Murders