Corners: Voices on Change

Every life journey traverses curves and corners. In Corners: Voices on Change, writers find a way through changes. Their literary essays offer honesty, comfort and humor. Tracing their stories helps us to process our own changing lives. Be inspired by thoughtful lives as the writers—

Deal with grief and loss

Reject antiquated patterns of prejudice and selfishness

Get fired

Engage in War

Experience disappointment in God

Find their voice

Say “no”

Navigate the ubiquitous anxiety of loving a recovering addict

Save themselves from disappearing into marriage or parenthood

Discover lynchpins in family and culture

Choose a new religion and choose to love within the backlash

Learn to love a Trump-voting spouse when it seems a betrayal

Recreate a great life when the body, brain, or life circumstance won’t return to the old normal

Accept responsibilities, truths, and realities

Celebrate differences

These voices don’t prescribe a singular path to self-actualization. That would be a lie. We all face corners. We have to turn. We must make accommodations, or we get stuck clinging to beliefs and ways of life that can no longer sustain us. The beauty in these very human stories is laden with honesty, triumph, humor, resignation, comfort and insight. The cumulative effect of these personal stories is even greater than the sum of the parts. Readers experience the gallant pursuit of managing responses to change. Writers celebrate and lament the past, but don’t cling to it. They find a new normal. They strive. They accept. Read today—for everyone navigating change.

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