Crossing Allenby Bridge

Harry Stone lived an easy life… until the global financial crisis forced him to live with purpose. A personality ripe for metamorphosis and a career cut short plunge Harry into a soul-searching adventure across Asia and the Middle East, through the West Bank, and deep in the jungles of Java. Witnessing economic disparity in the developing world and confronting personal demons lead Harry to a life filled with human connection and joy. Follow this transformational odyssey as a man reluctantly abandons a life of greed, learns the true cost of a soul, and finds himself in the process.

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From the book review on The Writer’s Scrap Bin: “Beautiful, Emotional, and Thought-Provoking! Looft knows just how to pull at a person’s heartstrings while also being able to pull them out of the darkness with some light-hearted moments and humor…The exotic locations, of course, will be a huge draw for American readers. Just don’t expect the typical tourist’s view of any of these places… Overall, Crossing Allenby Bridge by Michael Looft is an engaging and thought-provoking read…I could go on for pages with praise for its messages, themes, and character development.”

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