Damaged Goods

In this titillating personal account, Damaged Goods, author O. Persaud sums up the sultry sex life of his main character, Chris, from his first intimate experience to finding a woman that he truly loves. The “every man for himself” mentality has corrupted Chris’ ideals, whether regarding friends, family, material possessions, or women. When he makes a move, he never takes other people’s feelings into consideration. Therefore, he can never stay true to anyone to whom he supposedly commits. Chris believes that others are only here in this world for his benefit, and he is willing to deny peoples’ needs-including his own-to obtain what he wants. Nowhere in his life is this mentality more evident than in his romantic involvements. Chris soon finds himself questioning his behavior: “Why do I cheat? And how did I become the unfaithful man that I am today?” These questions serve as the basis for his next quest in life, one that may lead to true love-if he can only find the answers. Damaged Goods provides a fresh, interesting look into the life of a young man and his search for the nature of love.

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