Deadly Lode

deadly-lodeActing on a hunch, geologist Trace Brandon discovers the portal to the lost Sullivan Mine. Against his better judgement, he enters the nineteenth century workings and is nearly killed collecting ore samples. The assays are equally deadly-high-grade pitchblende uranium. A worthless gangue mineral in the 1890s, but potentially worth millions in today’s market.

News of Brandon’s discovery spreads like smallpox through the Vancouver Stock Exchange. Cyrus “the Virus” McSweeny, an ex-con and stock promoter, begins scheming to acquire the mine, while the Pantelli crime family circles like a vulture-looking for an opening.

As Brandon begins to drill out the rich uranium orebody, his investors start dying-and not from natural causes. The exotic nature of the murders catches the attention of FBI, but it’s the uranium grades that catch Hong Kong-based Lei Chang’s eye. Chang wants the uranium reserves for his Chinese-backed mining company, and he doesn’t care how he gets them.

Brandon is forced into an unorthodox alliance in order to maintain control of the Sullivan Mine-and stay alive.

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