Desperate Memories

desperate-memoriesRobyn McGill has no memory of what happened three years ago when she was found alone on a sailboat off the Coast of Maine. From that time on she lives with the fear that she killed the two people who were with her on that boat–her brother and her fiance. The police investigation didn’t find enough evidence to charge her, and she can’t remember what happened. She is trapped between her loss of memory and her guilt. Three years later, a shooter nearly kills her best friend Lisa Wade, a TV anchorwoman. The incident results in Robyn experiencing memory fragments she doesn’t understand, that seem to have no connection to her life.

Constable Luke Carlisle lives every day wishing his life had been different, that his wife hadn’t been involved in drug trafficking. They’re divorced now, and it was his evidence that put her in prison. Her lies have left him distrustful of women.

When he is the investigating officer on the shooting, his first suspect is Dr. McGill. His boss on the mainland believes that Dr. McGill hired a professional gunman to kill Lisa. Luke’s gut tells him she didn’t do it, but the evidence suggests she was involved somehow.

When an attempt is made on Robyn’s life, and there is evidence that someone is out to get her, Luke takes her into protective custody-his house next to the tiny police station.

The investigation leads to a yacht offshore, and the truth about that night three years earlier.

99 Cent Bargain from November 28 – December 2, 2016