DRAGON’S GAP: (Book 1) Reighn & Sage’s Story

Reighn finds Sage and together, at Dragon’s Gap, proceed to overcome the prejudices of the nobility. This involves calling the Shields and Hunters to all unite at Dragon’s Gap is required to form Reign’s military might. Not an easy task! The future of Dragon’s Gap seems to be in the hands of Reighn and Sage if they unite… A lovely story and enjoyable first book into the epic world of the Dragon’s Gap Series. Once you find your way to Dragon’s Gap you will not want to leave… Sage half witch, half wolf an improbability in a world of impossibilities arrives at Dragon’s Gap and finds love in the arms of Reighn, the one male destined to be hers. When Reighn takes Sage as his shadow it signals great change, a start of a whole new future for all dragons and shifters at Dragon’s Gap. Join Sage and Reighn as they struggle to live in a world where magic has returned to Dragon’s Gap, where Shifters and Dragons have to learn to live together under the rule of the Elementals. An ancient magical race whose duties are to ensures the safety of all those that use magic.

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