Dun Usgar: A Celtic Tale of the Selkies

This work of Gothic Adventure and Mystery will sweep you away on the tides of the Underwater Kingdom of the Selkies. Lady Rowan and her two small daughters set sail under cover of darkness to find sanctuary from the War of Scottish Independence. Their journey is plagued by visions of monsters, calm seas and the hostility of the superstitious crew. After a storm and near shipwreck, the captain throws Lady Rowan and her daughters overboard. They end up on an island at the very edge of the Hebrides, where they take refuge in a ruined castle overlooking the empty sea of Sule Skerry where the Kingdom of the Selkies once reigned. Once wealthy, with all the luxuries Medieval life could offer, Lady Rowan, her daughters, and her small party of servants must struggle to survive. One night, Lady Rowan sees a mysterious ship with a red sail come in close to the shore. On board is handsome young man who seduces her and claims her as his one true love. Is he real, or just the dream of woman desperate to escape the deprivation and misery of her life? Dun Usgar is place awash in mysteries of the sea and the shape-shifting creatures called Selkies: man on land and seal in the sea. Allow your imagination to carry you away on the tides to a place where dreams and grim reality meet.

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