Escape from the Past: The Duke’s Wrath

escape-pastTrying out an experimental computer game, nerdy gamer, Max, time-travels to medieval Germany. What he doesn’t he realize is that

1) He’s been chosen as a beta, an experimental test player.

2) He’s playing the ultimate history game, transporting him into the actual past: anywhere and anytime.

And 3) Survival is optional: to return home he must decipher the game’s rules and complete its missions–if he lives long enough. To fail means to stay in the past–forever.

It is the year 1471 and Max quickly learns that being an outcast may cost him his head. Especially after rescuing a beautiful peasant girl from a deadly infection and thus provoking sinister wannabe Duke Ott. Overnight he is dragged into a hornets’ nest of feuding lords who will stop at nothing to bring down the conjuring stranger in their midst.

Kids who graduate from the Magic Tree House series will love this trilogy based on actual historical events, locations and people. Adults who love historical fiction will enjoy the actual medieval history of Thuringian castle Hanstein and its most famous knight, this novel is based on.

99 Cent Bargain from December 7 – 14, 2016