Forever Young

Forever Young – A Gripping Modern Dark Fairytale!

As the sun sets, and the stage is set: A luscious, enigmatic woman who loves the finer things in life – and harbors a dark and deadly secret.

A famous billionaire genius, bored and fed up with his empty, loveless lifestyle of drugs, one night stands, and expensive parties.

And an innocent, studious young girl who wants nothing but to help people.

Either by chance or fate, life has brought these three together and bound them in a tangled web of love, lust, and dark secrets.

Follow the thrilling story of two star-struck lovers faced with an ominous dark threat, more dangerous than they could ever fathom – a threat with a tempting face and body, a sweet voice, and a mind wicked beyond all measure:

She’s none other than the Elizabeth Bathory – the most powerful vampire that ever lived!

Will the innocent win, or will the evil get in their way and have the last laugh?

The Refreshing Twist The Vampire Novel Genre Needed!

If you’re a lover of contemporary young adult vampire, romance, and supernatural fantasy fiction, then Forever Young is the perfect book for you.

Writing in a lively and exciting style, Indika Guruge has taken all the classical elements of the quintessential vampire novel and re-arranged them in a fresh, unique way – creating a true page turner you won’t be able to put down!

So, What Are You Still Waiting For?

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