Freedom Square: A Gripping International Thriller

freedom-squareEx-elite agent Jenna Royal will stop at nothing to track down the sister who betrayed her. But who else is she willing to risk?

Eastern Europe stands on the brink of a new Russian invasion. Insurgents and fake protesters stir up trouble on the streets. A mighty Russian war machine is poised across the border.

Determined to stop protest turning into a bloody invasion, Jenna, Eva and Dan must use every tactic tin the book… and even then it may not be enough.

Overwhelming odds and a burning desire for revenge work against them at every level.

If you enjoy high-octane, page-turning, adventures, this is for you. Freedom Square is a thrilling short read series with an explosive ending. If you love the Jet series, Konkoly, Dawson and Reacher, you’ll love FREEDOM SQUARE.

This is a short read with cliff hangers.

More Free Jenna Royal action is available in The Last Line – look for the boxed set at Amazon.

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