From Geek to God

An interesting story about a guy who grew up in the hippie days in California. He moved to the east coast and things changed. He got in a lot of fights, met his best friend that he went on a road trip after high school that is full of so many unreal adventures, example, he and his friend were sunbathing naked at a waterfall park and fell asleep. They were the only ones there till they woke up to a large group of people hanging out after church. The guy eventfully falls in love and gets a job that leads him into a personality change, he turned into a geek! Later he is unsociable and loses all love and friends. He eventually makes worldwide success and and is wealthy. Later he gets into an accident where he wakes up to a journey that he walks on a path of glowing red granite with neon green grass around it. He meets characters on the path like the yellow brick road where he found out about life and life after death. He wakes up later and..

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