Dan Harris can’t escape death. The death of his son. The impending death of his marriage. The gruesome murder of a strange man in the Bahamas.

Devastated and alone, Dan runs away to Hope Town, Bahamas to focus on his next book about the cholera epidemic that devastated the Hope Town settlement in the 1850s. Whatever little progress he’d made grinds to an abrupt halt when he stumbles upon the horrifying remains of a decomposing body. He immediately becomes the primary suspect in the man’s murder. Cat, the local librarian, is determined to help Dan clear his name. But she has other, more seductive, motives in mind—motives she seems incapable of hiding. The town constable is in love with Cat, which only propels the policeman even more to prove Dan’s guilt. As the bodies stack up, Dan’s attempts to reconcile with his wife and save his tattered marriage become more and more hopeless as everyone on the small cay turns against him. When Dan discovers who the actual murderer is, his estranged wife Susan becomes the next target. A page turner that you’ll never want to end.

Book 1 of the Guilt series.

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