Happiness for Beginners: the Power of Positive Thinking

Author Ani Right shares the life-changing, practical techniques she used in her own life to transform herself into a happier, healthier, more optimistic person. She speaks about stories of other people she have met, their achievements or tricks to change their attitudes she had witnessed. As an advocate and example of the power of positive thinking, which can fundamentally change your life, Right’s book will teach you:

how to develop habits of positivity
how to eliminate and deal with negativity
how to turn criticism into a stepping stone for success
to understand why people tend to criticize others
how to harness the power of gratitude
how to use a power of a Law of attraction
how to learn self-confidence
how to embrace winds of change.
and much more!

Do you want to be happy? Just be. This book will teach you to deal with life issues and control your own life. Right’s book is aimed at complete beginners who are taking their first steps on the path to a positive and happy life. You need to choose to become a happy person or not. With these proven strategies in your toolkit, happiness and success are within your grasp.

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