Hotlifestyle – Essential Basics

Hotlifestyle – Essential Basics is 288 pages providing science-based tools to help anyone make sustainable positive change. Written in a concise, easy to understand format the reader is taken on a journey of self-discovery inspiring them to live a Hotlifestyle through making small changes to their daily routine. This is not just another self-help book. This is the self-help book for personal development. Why? Gaining a competitive edge in life requires an effective routine and making better choices. This is the only book to cover all the bases leading to a healthier happier richer you. A comprehensive guide to gain a better understanding how your body and mind works. A unique format offering 50 exclusive links to tests, videos and further reading on the Hotlifestyle website. It helps create a solid foundation for anyone who wants to make positive sustainable change and overcome the obstacles holding them back. For anyone determined to power up their lives, start the new year on a solid footing, considering changing their job or simply want more out of life – This is the book to have!

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