Howie Tootalot in Yellowstone: The Legend of Lake Isa

Why does the water of Isa Lake drain in two different directions? Follow Howie Tootalot to the wild land we now call Yellowstone as he and his nAmy Lou Jenkins holds an MFA in Literature and Creative Writing from Bennington College. She teaches writing at Carroll College in Waukesha, WI, and has presented at multiple writing conferences. Selections from her manuscript Every Natural Fact have placed in regional and national contests including The Florida Review Editors Award in Nonfiction, Literal Latte Essay Awards, and many others.ew bear friend explore the wild geysers, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and more. Danger surrounds them, yet lessons from the wild and the wilderness itself will save them. Learn the Tootalot family legend.
Children may download and assemble their own free puppets—just like the ones in the story. Great fun for reading and play at home or in the car.

Howie Tootalot in Yellowstone is the second in The Tootalots series.

An award-winning parenting author, dons a pen name and introduces Howie Tootalot, This fun legend offers giggles and some important ways to deal with respecting the danger and wildness of natural wonders such as Yellowstone National Park.

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