In Plain Sight (Lincolnshire Murder Mystery Book 8)

‘Back here soon as you can, there’s an issue with DNA,’ said Craig Darke. ‘How do you mean?’ Larsson queried. ‘If I tell you, you’ll not believe me.’ ‘Try me.’ ‘DNA found at the scene belongs to a woman who’s been dead eleven years. More than just plain old-fashioned dead,’ Darke said. ‘She was murdered.’ Back in 2006, Christine Streeter went missing. When her blood was discovered in the flat she shared with Thomasz Borowiak, he was jailed for manslaughter, even though her body was never found. Streeter remained missing, presumed dead, and Borowiak, who never admitted to her killing, is still languishing in jail. Then, in October 2017, after an anonymous tip-off, the police find the body of Mindi Brookes in a house in uphill Lincoln, together with fresh DNA. Of Christine Streeter. ‘In Plain Sight’ reveals hideous secrets of the past, deadly crimes today, and will pit one woman against another. Lincolnshire Murder Mystery No 8

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