Infertility – Beating the odds and doctors: Infertility memoirs and the path to an Infertility cure

infertilityDavid Johnson and his wife Traci experienced the path a lot of couples walk: prevent pregnancy for several years, say yes to having a baby, wait and hope, wait and hope, go to doctors, take tests and more tests, produce humiliating samples-until the dreaded verdict ‘infertility’ is pronounced in a doctor’s office.

Meanwhile, friends became pregnant with ease, relatives asked intrusive questions, and co-workers wondered why the couple needed so much time off from work.

The Johnsons faced a choice of three doors: expensive, no-guarantee IVF (in-vitro fertilization), adoption, or childlessness.

After a doctor blithely dismissed the possibility that vitamins or food could improve David’s extremely low sperm count, the Johnsons decided to ignore the doctor’s conclusion, intensified their research, and came up with a plan.

They embarked on a natural path to parenthood that included a healthier diet, acupuncture, and a relaxing vacation that was cheaper than one IVF treatment. David Johnson details each component in a process that resulted in exceptional success: three beautiful daughters conceived naturally.

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