Iron Blood & Sacrifice (Lludd & Llefelys)

A holy triad set in the year between the Roman wars. Associated with the Iron Blood & Sacrifice trilogy of historical fiction novels, published via Kindle in 2018. The core of the story is a series of three magical challenges to the sovereignty of the Motherland; sacred Cymbri. Challenges which will involve; 1, A harrowing scream on May eve (Beltain eve) from two battling dragons, which is a pre-cursor for the next challenge; 2, A foreign invading race. 3, A mysterious giant who enchants Lludd’s court and plunders his food supply, undermining his governance. The tale describes how this triad of problems was eventually overcome by King Lludd with the aid of his brother Llefelys, through a combination of heroic valour and magical cunning.

99 Cent Bargain eBook from December 14 – 19, 2018