Keeper of the Stone

keeper-stoneA lovely Saxon lady. A fierce Norman knight. Can an innocent maid’s gentle surrender quench the fires raging in the heart of a brutal enemy knight?

Young, lovely Lady Rhiann of Saxony is captured by the Norman invaders after the fall of her father’s estates and is taken to London at the command of the Norman Duke William who would be king. By the king’s command she is wed to his loyal vassal, Nathan, who was awarded her father’s estates as a reward for his faithful service.

She hoped her parents did not judge her too harshly from where they looked down on her from heaven. What choice did she have, after all?

Now, she fought against the terror of the coming consummation of her fateful choice. She was not so naive she did not recognize desire in a man’s eyes. As much as her Norman husband wanted her father’s estates he was awarded as a condition of their marriage, she suspected he was not inclined to forego enjoying fully all of the rights granted to him as her husband. She belonged to him now. In the eyes of the law and the church she was his property, to do with as he wished.

He promised he wouldn’t hurt her. After months of war, Rhiann was afraid to trust the word of her enemy, but she feared more not being able to trust him.

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